Meds and police checks

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    Just got yes on our state sponsor after being turned down initially - dancing around like a lunatic as really excited. :goofy:

    Now for the sensible stuff - has anybody put in for the meds / police checks before requested and why did you choose to do them when you did?

    Have wanted to stall slightly as we know that may only have a short turnaround time once things approved but agent is saying go for it now

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    Guest sauvignon

    Hi well done all very exciting now. We did our meds and police checks early, as did not want to have any more delays. Probably a month or so before was asked for.We had booked our flights also so were nibbling on nails a bit,long story but all down to timing. This payed of for us,and everything came along very quickly in the end. If you are feeling positive about everything, just go for it.

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