Guest countdown1975

What are these suburbs like?

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    Guest countdown1975

    Hi Everyone,


    Can you let me know what the following areas are like:-





    Port Adelaide


    have been looking up bits on the internet but nothing beats having info from people that actually live there.

    What is transport like/rental prices/shopping etc


    Thanks a mill for you help


    Vicki and Dave:jiggy:

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    All areas are well served by public transport.

    Salisbury, Marion and Port Adelaide have the bus and train. Burnside has buses only.

    All areas have shopping centres with supermarkets, other food shops, newsagents and also smaller supermarket type shops that are open when the others aren't.

    Marion has Westfield which is a large indoor shopping mall with cinemas, cafes and department shops, supermarkets.

    Burnside is about 15 mins from town so people use Rundle Mall, the pedestrian shopping strip where the large department stores are. They also go over to the Parade at Norwood for cinemas and high street type shopping.

    Port Adelaide has access to cinemas at West Lakes or at Arndale shopping centre.

    Marion, Port Adelaide are about 20 mins from the centre by car. Salisbury 20 - 30 depending on which part you live in.

    Rental prices for a standard 3 BR can be anywhere from $300 upwards. It depends on the ameneties and age of the home. Burnside tends to be pricier, but it depends on the house. Check out the rents in the rent section on

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    In my opinion....


    Burnside - affluent, leafy suburb near the city, good schools, nice houses


    Salisbury - don't really know it so I'll pass comment


    Marion - fairly average suburb with very large shopping mall complex. Not too far from the coast.


    Port Adelaide - old historic port area with a bit of character. Traditionally working class with some run-down areas. Some industrial areas, now has 'upmarket' housing developments on the waterfront. Not too far from West lakes mall. See another thread

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    Guest salisbury massive

    right I'll tell you about Salisbury. Salisbury is made up of various suburbs. Salisbury East, Park, North, plain and Heights.


    Salisbury East is alright. Houses are affordable and you are on the good side of Main North Road. There is good access to the City and excellent bus routes along Bridge Road taking you to Tea Tree Plaza. It is close to Gulfview Heights and Para Hills, both are fairly good areas and there are plenty of Primary Schools to choose from. I couldn't recommend North or Plains as there is a lot of social housing and houses that just need pulling down. Unemployment can be high and this can lead to anti-social behaviour. The shopping centre at Salisbury is fantastic, I use it regularly and covers all your needs for food and local shops. Salisbury Park falls somewhere in the middle of the above and housing again is cheaper but you can pick up some fantastic bargins. There is a really great reserve for great walks and a lovely playground, tennis courts etc. I live in Salisbury Heights and love it, its feels rural but is close to suburbia. Main North Road is very close for access to the City and the hills. There is a train route straight to the City which takes about 25 minutes. There is a swimming pool also.


    I don't really know much about the schools because my kids go to school at Golden Grove and Wynn Vale but i wasn't overly impressed with the choice though Salisbury Heights Primary is nice.


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    Interesting spread of suburbs, there..........................


    Being in the eastern 'burbs close to burnside and about 15-20 from the city, i rather like them best.

    No snobbery here, mateys, just that i made a choice of what was best for me and mine.


    The schools are excellent, very good reps, both public and private.

    The area is clean, as with most Adelaide burbs north and south.

    Close to the city for work, but away enough to be in the countryside.

    Good golf courses, plenty of public tennis courts, a few really nice swimming pools, plenty of clubs to join etc.


    Housing can be expensive; some of it not nearly as good as some of the sothern burbs (flagstaff hill, coromandel, seaford, and the like), or some of the northern areas ( golden grove, tea tree gully) but you pays ya money and all that jazz.

    Good luck with your search!


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    Guest harper210267

    Can tell me the best areas to live with teenage sons, who love sport, skateboarding, cinema and so on?

    They are 14 and 16 and both need to be close to amenities and definatley can't wait to hit the beach when we go out there.

    Although I need to have a selection reasonable areas to research, for settling down.

    All areas have down sides and we are not expecting to move to a gated community but would like to ensure we don't end up in an area less attractive...

    Any ideas/experiences????

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    Guest kangomik

    you need to arrive, and make that decision your self. They are all quite different areas in my opinion.

    Basing a move on peoples (who you do not know) opinion is not a good base.

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    Guest mandmick

    Hi there


    Notice you live at Sal's Heights.. we've just looked at some land there.

    Bought a house in Spring Hill last year and just got our PR visas so should be moving over soon..

    Went to look at Golden Grove Primary school this week and really liked it..

    In Dubai at present and daughter in private school.. are you pleased with school/area in general..

    My in laws are in Greenwith which is why we chose this area and I also like the shops, quieter life and good access to town.

    Hope to meet up with you one day!



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