Hooking gas up to the house?

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    Guest salisbury massive


    Try these Suzer, I guess they can tell you if you can get a gas connection. Th en its a case of finding a gas fitter and seeing if they will come and do the work. Good luck with that, I've been trying to get someone to my place for weeks to hook me up to gas in the kitchen for a new oven, new pipes for a gas fire and a gas heater for the end of the house. its a big job & a couple of thousand bucks in someones pocket but no-one is interested. Who says there is a economic crisis. !!!!



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    Checking with AGL and Origin. Hubs dad is a tradie so knows people who do everything---hoping it won't be a prob at least to get someone out.

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    FYI this is what I have found out to date in case anyone is interested:

    Connecting to Natural Gas

    • Envestra ($165 to boundary of property; gas fitter does the rest. Origin said it will cost quite a bit more because Envestra is only putting connection on boundary, as opposed to wall of house. Gas fitter cost will be in the $1000s. For example, 10m of pipe alone costs $780 and that does not include connections and labour.) If/when ringing up Envestra to go ahead [1300 001 001], you will need:
      • Gas fitters details (PGE# and mobile number)

      [*]Ring retailer (Origin, for example) and order meter (this is part of the $165 fee according to Envestra)


    • Current special is electric solar for $3099 minus $1600 rebate, so $1499 installed with 2 solar panels. They can also offer 12 month interest free. They suggest electric solar over gas if you do not already have gas, due to cost, but suggested coming into their store Saturday from 9am-4pm to have a look and talk to someone about all the options.


    • Yet to call but from most of my dealings with them they seem to be a bit less switched on and all of their call centres are outsourced overseas.

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