Vandalism at Golden Grove Primary

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    Just got back from School after dropping the girls off only to have walked past 3 broken windows in glass doors at the school, I love this school my girls are really happy here and I find the teaching standard really high, the staff warm and welcoming the school looks really nice but these last few weeks we after the weekend we come back to see someone has taken a hammer to the doors.


    Is Golden Grove Primary on its own or are other schools having this same problem?



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    Guest salisbury massive

    I think it happens all over Adelaide some of the time. You only have to look in the North East messenger each week to see where the break ins are and as Rachel says they are usually after computer equiptment. My daughters went to Modbury West for a few years and it was happening on a regular basis, mostly in the school holidays, glue in locks was a problem. I guess Golden Grove was the unlucky target this time. Graffitti is usually the main problem. Schools are so accessable here after school hours, in the Uk the gates are locked and you can't get in.



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