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    Hi there,


    Does anyone know anything about Argus, they hire out furniture. Are they good or bad?


    Would love to know about anyone who has used any other rental furniture companies.


    Also were planning to move to the Tranmere area, what is area like and what are schools like?


    Any info would be much appreciated:unsure:.

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    We rented a bed for inlaws some years ago from Pabs rentals. It was clean and there were no complaints about lack of comfort.


    Tranmere is a good suburb to live in, it is not far to town, the Parade at Norwood. The schools in the area are good for both primary and secondary. It is a very settled area. It's in the Eastern suburbs. There are a choice of parks. It is one of the older Adelaide suburbs. It is about 10 mins from Norwood and Burnside areas where there are libraries, pools , high st type shops and supermarkets. It is a good place to start off. House prices will be more than down south.

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