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Fabulous Flinders and Winders

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    Guest LordLucan

    I'm talking about the hospital, Flinders Medical Centre, not the ranges!

    I needed to have a bone fusion of the 2 bones in my left ankle, due to wrecking the cartilage on the soccer field in my 30s and 40s, thinking I was still 23 (which I still think I am).

    I'm a public hospital patient. If you think I'm paying lots of income tax plus medicare, then paying for hospital cover, you are wrong!

    I did wait a LONG time to see the specialist, and then a few more months for the hospital bed, but in early March, I went for my pre-op afternoon during which I had to have blood tests, ECG, blood pressure, and see the anaesthetist and ward nurse. Unbelievably, I was out in an hour and 15 minutes after expecting to be there all afternoon!

    The operaton on Friday 13th March was equally well done, and they looked after me so well. I shared a ward overnight with 2 other guys, one very nice and quiet, the other not too bad, a bit foul-mouthed occasionally, but nothing that good earplugs couldn't deal with. if anything, my snoring will have made THEM want to go for a private room in future!

    Today, I went back to the orthopaedic clinic to have my cast removed, stitches out, and a fibreglass cast fitted for the next 6 weeks. At exactly 2.15, my appointment time, I was taken in and had the work done by pleasant and friendly staff (with photos of my leg courtesy of Cazzie), and was done within 30 minutes.

    The service has been unbelievable, and I recommend FMC as a public patient wholeheartedly (though better not to be a patient at all, admittedly).

    Now here's the best part. They have double-glazed windows, and IN BETWEEN the panes, there are venetian blinds - so you never have to clean them! I am madly impressed with that, and if I ever again build a new house, we are getting those windows for sure!

    Thanks for listening to all those still awake.

    PS A big thanks to my lovely nurse Cazzie, who has put up with my numerous needs at a very busy time for her, with her usual good grace and loving manner. Love you babe!

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    When I smashed my ankle falling off a horse on one of those notorious deep south beaches, I was carted off in an ambulance to Flinders where it was put back together and I enjoyed a 10 day stay. No complaints at all. lovely big windows letting loads of light in, bathroom for every 4 bed ward. The oldies would go slightly nana as dusk fell and try to get out of bed when they had come in with broken kneck of femur....but a quick beep on my bell got the nurses coming to put em back in bed.

    Much rather there than RAH cos their wards are truly ancient. Good care however.

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