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Guest Chelseadownunder

Pensions & Centrelink

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    Guest Chelseadownunder

    Its a good point regarding co contribution on pensions raised earlier. Those of you that arrived like us late last year, as our income for the current tax year was so low there was alot of centrelink help available that you may not think you can get (Tax credits/Childcare/Medical card etc..) if your on a low income. Obviously next tax year starts at the end of June and that years income will be higher as it will have a whole years income showing and benefits will go right down. Its deffinatley worth making an appointmnet with them and having a chat, you have very little to loose. We found that originally we were miss informed by Glenelg office and complained and were paid back pay from when we first saw them. Our circumstances were that I have permanant residency so it may be different for some of you. But dont loose out if you can get assistance as they will soon take it off of you in tax when you do start earning. Also Super Co Contribution - if you can potentially get $1.50 for every dollar you put into super its what they call here a no brainer.(This is not ment as financial advice just an effort to help others that may have gone through what we did)

    Hope your all enjoying Adelaide!!

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