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    Hi peeps,


    I think I have seen somethings on this website before about car hire but tend to get a little distracted reading other threads and loose things:goofy:!


    Anyway I was wondering if anyone could reccommend any car hire companies as we are arriving on April 19th and would need to have a car to drive round to look for a car to buy.


    I've checked out a few on the Adelaide bound website and they look quite reasonable but should we book before we come or wait till we're here???


    Gratefull for any info!:notworthy:


    Sarah and Mattxxxxx

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    Guest Guest75

    I strongly recommend Aussie Car Rentals.


    A local and friendly firm.

    Very helpful,looked after loads of people we know.

    Some good value using their older hire cars.


    Personally I'd book before arrival - a Jumbo tipping out at Adelaide Airport decreases your chances on getting one on the day.


    Here they are..............

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    I'll second the recommendation for Brian at Aussie Car Rentals ( - he's an absolute star and you'll get much better, personal service by using him - if you're looking for a car to buy he may well be able to point you in the right direction too. He's a great guy - has helped out lots of our clients, and lots of our friends and family too - personally, I wouldn't use anyone else!


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