Household utilities? Who to pick and how?

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    Hi all,


    Just managed to secure the first rental we have applied for! It's in Brighton.


    We didn't choose to use Direct Connect as we thought it wouldn't be the best value way of doing things, but now the letting agents won't tell us which companies currently supply the house with gas/ elec/ water etc. :skeptical:


    I don't know how to start comparing as have no idea who to use! Is the water automatically one company? Who do you use and what are your bills like? Move in next Fri so want to get sorted asap!





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    Guest hrubieszowianka

    As far as I know water is usually already connected and provided, sometimes paid by the landlord up to a certain amount. When we got our rental, I called a gas & electricity company for dual fuel deal and they had it connected within a couple of days, we didn't need to know who supplied earlier, as this was disconnected.

    As for the proces, I asked befrended Aussies and went with the same one, I thinkg it's called truenergy and you get discounts for quick payments etc.

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    We have just moved into our own home and switched to Origin as they do a deal whereby you get a free month's electricity if you pay on time for a year. We have gas with them too.


    when you rent the rates and water are included, but you may be charged an excess amount for water if you go over the allowed amount. for example we were charged $70 after a hot summer with three lots of visitors and a pool to top up! Not too much really.

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