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    Hi all


    We bought a DVD player when we arrived which just developed a fault the last couple of days. So I took it back to Dick Smith yesterday, no problem to replace it but they didn't have the same product in stock so would I like to upgrade to a better one? The better one wouldn't fit in our small unit we bought so we couldn't get it (and it was double the price). They did have stock in other stores but we don't have a car yet so it is either our local one or the city at the moment.


    Anyway, she wouldn't give me a refund as it was over 14 days since I bought it so I had to have store credit to go to another Dick Smith store with stock and buy it.


    What are the laws on refunds/replacements in Australia? In the UK I would have demanded a refund as they couldn't provide a direct replacement for a faulty product but I was a bit thrown when she mentioned 14 days as I am not sure of my consumer rights here.


    I can understand 14 days if I was just returning the goods if I didn't want/need them but as they were faulty surely there should be some more comeback than this?


    Any advice welcome for the next time I have to return something.



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    I bought my daughter a TV/DVD Unit from last christmas and 6 months later it developed a fault, took it back and received a refund no problem.


    I am not sure of the rights but Target give refunds for faulty items.



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    Guest kangomik

    Argos used to do this, it was printed on the back of the reciept.

    I think that was 30 days, they would automatically change, after that it had to be sent back for repair. and you had to wait.

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