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Bank accts & credit card transfers

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    Guest Andrew&Ren

    hey all


    Not long now...:arghh:


    Just a couple of questions on banking and credit cards...


    Which is the best bank for expats??


    Has anyone used Westpac?? applied online before arriving??


    If i have a credit card and want to transfer it to an Aus one what do i do???


    Sorry if these are silly questions....ive got a feeling there will be more to come :chatterbox:


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    Hi we organised a westpac migrants account before we came. they have been brilliant since we have been here. Lynda at the seaford branch is an angel! really helpful and efficent!


    we used Hi fX to transfer our money accross and they gave us a great exchange rate!


    We have now applied for an Ozzie credit card and have been accepted although it is a low credit limit! good thing I reckon!!!


    good luck with the move xx

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    Guest hrubieszowianka


    I applied on NAB website for a migrant account, all was sorted while in the UK and when we arrived to Oz, we went for a meeting with a banker, who sorted the lot - gave us cards (debit), explained everything, registered to telephone and internet banking (in 5 min!!!) and gave a welcome pack, which included a water bottle - the most useful thing here :)

    NAB ATMs are everywhere, and unfortunately you have to use your own bank's ATMs, otherwise you pay $2 per withdrawal.

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