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Primary School Seaford Rise

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Hi all,


We maybe?? purchasing some land in Seaford Rise but just wondering about the primary schools............. someone told me to avoid Seaford primary school but is Seaford Rise any good, also recommended to get kids into Moana ps, but would be able to do that living in SR?? My eldest boy is dyslexic so worried where we place him, he has got really good support at Sheidow Park where we are at present.


Any advice would be most appreciated.



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Guest Bakers

Hi Gill my 2 go to Seaford Rise Primary & we have found it to be a good school my 2 are 10 & 6 the youngest has speech problems but the teachers been great working with him & keeping us informed on progress etc,i have met people who's children didnt get on there but think it's just trial & error when choosing schools & my 2 settled well so good luck Tess x

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Thanks for that Tess, it only takes one negative comment and got me all worried. I think I will go and check out the school. My boys are 7 & 8 and are really settled and enjoying their current school but itsjust a bit far to travel and keep them in this school.


Ta again, Gill

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