1 month in - things looking good

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    Well we've been here a month now and have really enjoyed what we've seen of Adelaide so far

    You can see some of our pictures at http://mickpell.blogspot.com


    Everyone we've met seem so friendly and are always willing to give advice and if anyone is thinking of using the on arrival services then all i can say is make use of them!!


    The accomodatuon we've been given is in an excellent location in Glandore and is cheap and has given us a good starting point. The job seeking services and forums that SRS have given us have really been of good value and I would highly recommend going on those (even if its just for the free BBQ!)


    On Friday Caroline found out she has been offered a job and then today I got the good news for a job I applied for! :jiggy:

    Its not too disimilar to a position in IT that I was in a year or so ago so I'm really pleased and can't wait to start


    All of the tips and advice that the SRS gave us with regard to job hunting, and a guy called Tony Hancock in particular, have paid off


    We don't start for a few days so we've got a few days left of "holidaying"


    We've also bought some bikes and went out on a couple of rides over the weekend to get a better idea about the suburbs that we would like to live in - so far we're thinking north adelaide or north/north west along the river or maybe out to westlakes or port adelaide



    mick and caroline

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    Hi Mick and Caroline


    Just to say I was nosey and had a quick look at your photos, you've got some great pics there, definately worth a look.


    Brought back some happy memories of when we drove along the Great Ocean Road many years ago. Lorne and Apollo Bay and Robe are lovely spots.


    Anyway glad to see you are enjoying Adelaide and settling in well. Good luck.

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    Guest BAZnDAF

    Great blogg site, enjoyed the pics :) Congratulations on the Jobs

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    Guest cazzie

    Congratulations on getting jobs, that's great news. Love the photos. We recognised the last one taken in Glenelg as we had lunch there on Sunday and watched dolphins too - a lovely spot.

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