Major Wobbles

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    No, Major Wobbles isn't a kids book (but hey, sounds like it could be), it's what we're having.


    Still waiting for visa decision but it shouldn't be far away now & whilst we were really up for it a few weeks ago, big doubts have now set in. We've had an offer on the house which isn't too bad considering the state of the market, but still 18K less than we paid for it, though I don't see the market improving much over the next 12 months so if we want to go to Oz we might as well take it & hope to arrive in SA by end 2009. (Renting house out is not an option)

    It's the big fear that it we won't find jobs, will eat away at all our capital & have to return with nothing. We are risking everything as I'm sure many of you have already done but how do you cope with it????


    Yes we are hopeful of a more enjoyable life, better weather etc & are not bothered about maintaining the same standard of living we currently enjoy, but absolutely scared to death about it not working out. Being on a 475 is like having 1 hand tied behind your back, but it's the only way we can get there.


    Reading this morning about TC & Clare returning to UK just adds to my worries, but I know they are doing what's best for them. If they hadn't have tried it, they would have spent the rest of their lives wondering, which is how we feel, but the financial cost is so big & thats without the worries of leaving family!


    I know there are some good news stories on here eg. Martin getting a job, Moosh getting another job so quickly so not everything is bad.


    Am I just focusing on the negatives? Did you all go through this?

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    you have to do whats right for you, we came we tried it, it will be over a year when we go back. We even bought a house thinking it would make us settle. Financially we will be starting again but i dont regret coming, just regret selling my uk house and wasting so much money lol

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    We arrived this time last year....with suitcases and 2 boxes and $22000!! We sold everything we could...


    I found work within 1 week (although cant comment on current situation with world etc)...Steph found work within 3 months.


    Emotionly i coped well....but Steph was homesick for a good 9 takes time!!


    Would we go back...right now no....cant comment for the future but for now NO WAY!!!


    You have to be prepared for ups and downs and its bloody hard sometimes.... wont deny it!!


    Only live once...


    Dan and Steph

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    Guest covfan71

    Hi, i think everyone has the same concerns at first. We have recenlty submitted our Visa and was hoping to have enough equity from our house sale to come over and for the type of house we want only have a small mortgage. With the current housing market in the state it is in we are currenlty £20,000 under the price we want for our house. It will in no way stop us though. It is a gamble i know and i think that we will be able to live on our savings etc for about 8 months. Hopefully by then i would hae found some sort of job to bring us some sort of income. At the end of the day if you have to work in McDonalds it is still some sort of income to tied you over.

    I'm sure your heart will make the right decision.

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    Guest Django

    It is a gamble as its not for everyone. Some people don't like it here, others struggle to find work, others miss the folks back home. We are all different and see Adelaide and Australia differently.

    We came out not knowing if it would be for us but thought it couldn't be any worse than the UK. The best advice I would give is not to expect anything and then you won't be disapointed. I have gone back to doing a job I did 25 or so years ago in London.

    I see it as a total fresh start here so don't look at it as a backward step by any means.


    Good luck



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