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Hello !

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    Guest gweg

    Hello everyone !


    Although I'm not really a Pom (but trying my best !), I thought I might say hello since I've been coming to this forum to read the posts and get some information for some time.


    My wife and I are coming from Belgium. We've been living in Glasgow for 4 months now.

    We decided, about 2 years ago, to try and get a visa to migrate to Australia and last Thursday, after almost 1 year having requested our 475, we finally received a positive answer !

    We'll be leaving on May 3rd from here to SIN then ADL...


    So I just wanted to introduce ourselves, say that I've really been enjoying the forum and that it has been really helpful already... and just say I'm happy as I never thought I would be !


    Gregory (& Regine) :D

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    Guest Django

    Welcome to the forum


    We have members from USA, Brazil, South Africa, Austria, etc, etc, etc So you are just as welcome as them or anyone else from the UK.


    Glad the forum has been of some use to you so far and hope it will continue to be so after you arrive here.



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