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Bit of a quiz

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    Ok, here's a quiz for those of you that live here already, and maybe for those of you who've researched your suburbs really well! Can you think laterally and tell me what these suburbs might be?


    1 Uninterrupted view.

    2 Barren stream

    3 Assassinate Barbie's beau

    4 Royal monarch

    5 Look for gold

    6 Heavenly

    7 Untamed equine flat

    8 Applaud a pig

    9 Better timber

    10 A tack's value

    11 Way of communication

    12 Ford a creek

    13 What white ants do

    14 Dr Jekyll's alter ego not driving

    15 Lush pastures

    16 Lower valley

    17 Back swamp

    18 Choose an idiot

    19 Two boy's names

    20 Embraceable brook


    Just a bit of fun, sorry no prizes except a big sloppy kiss for the winner from my lovely dog Trev!:wacko:

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    2 Dry Creek

    3 Kilkenny

    5 Prospect

    15 Meadows

    20 Cuddlee Creek





    Isn't Trev a great name for a dog! My next dog is gonna be Dave.

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