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    Just wondering with all the rain we had yesterday if your in a rental are you responsible for cleaning out the gutter's, water poured over ours like a waterfall yesterday and I thought they were going to break under the weight we weren't left a ladder to do the Job but we are only in a bungalow.



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    I asked my landlady the very same thing the other day, and the answer is YES you are. They are not obliged to supply a ladder or clean them out. We're obviously willing to do it ourselves but we're ladderless so we are going to get someone in to do it for us. (I used to get my daughters ex b/f to do them at my old house - very handy!)


    We have one area here, where the water comes over like a waterfall as you described because the pergola roof and main roof drain into one down pipe, and we thought the gutter was broken, but on closer inspection it's the sheer volume of water that's causing the overflow.


    Sorry but you're gonna have to send a man up there to do the job!



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    Guest DianeJ


    I was told by our agent, Century 21, that anything 'above our head' was not our responsibility. I asked if a lightbulb was to go could we call someone out to change it and she said yes. Obviously we wouldn't do that but that's what we were told. We were asked to fix flyscreens ourselves though!



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