Where Does Our Dr Send our Medicals too

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    Hi All,

    As a family of five, we have just had our X-rays and medicals completed. But the doctor who conducted our medicals is not aware where to post our medical forms and X-rays. I have given him the following address:

    Adelaide Skills Processing Centre

    GPO Box 1638


    SA 5001

    Is this correct? We are going on the Skilled Regional Migration Visa (Subclass 475).

    However when my partner Jane was having her medical today and it came to light that she has a heart murmur, which she was not aware of, this got Jane extremely upset and just like a typical bloke I had no idea what to say or do about it. She is gutted that this may now stop the rest of us migrating to Australia, it will certainly delay things we know of that.

    We have made an appointment to see our GP this Tuesday to ask for a ECHO Graph at the hospital.

    I have tried to reassure her that her health is the most important and the Visa second and that I am still going to marry her on the 20th June 2009. I do understand when she states that its not her health she is worried about its the fact that she may let the four other members of our family down because we are all excited and wishing very much to emigrate to Australia.

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    Guest back clan

    Good luck. i hope everything is ok for you

    You need to send the medicals to Sydney the address should be on the immi website. i can't remember it off the top of my head

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    Hi Tony,

    I hope that everything sorts itself out with Jane's heart murmur.

    Let's hope that it's not too serious. Assuming that it's not serious then there shouldn't be a problem. We have friends who just activated their visas and he's a diabetic. We had a family stay with us and one of them had severe ashthma (under control but needing medication). It's only if there's the possibility of someone being a burden on the Aussie health care system that they will get declined.

    The medicals..... when we did our medicals it had to be done by an appointed panel doctor. The medicals and x rays were then couriered to Sydney (we never saw them). The medicals will only be sent away when you get the results of the heart tests? I had a friend who went for medicals and it was discovered that there was a spot on his delayed the process but ultimately he was allowed to migrate here. Give the processing centre a call or send an e mail to your case officer in Adelaide. If your own doctor can send the medicals away and you still need the address let me know and I will get the address for you.


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    Guest wijaya

    We are also on 475, and send our medical to Sydney.


    You can check exactly where to send by looking into the letter from CO that asked to do the medicals. In the first page, it says which address to send it if you send it by post or by courier.

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