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Huawei E220 wireless modem (unlocked)- will it be supported in SA ?

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    Guest gypsy

    Hi all


    Seeking an information from any one who is using wireless broadband in SA.


    I got a Huawei E220 wireless modem(unlocked) - The question is, whether the wireless internet connections in SA support this device. If so, please let me know the service provider and broadband tariffs.


    Thanks in advance (for any reply:unsure:). Would be grateful if I get the right information.:notworthy:

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    I'm not a user of that but it does look like Dodo support it

    check out - about half way down the page


    I use Dodo for my mobile internet and they use the optus network - speed and coverage is ok but not brilliant. I originally tried Telstra but their costs are way too high and the speed was about the same as Dodo.

    You'll find that the speed really drops between 5 and 7 in the evening and that's where Dodo suffers as it is using another providers network

    Most providers also cap the amount you can download during peak hours so if you're thinking of large downloads then get a scheduler of some sort

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