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Where to live in adelaide?

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    Hi Everyone


    We have just landed in Adelaide 06.05.09 and are currently renting a furnished property in Port Noarlunga until our furniture arrives from the UK in approx 10 weeks!


    We are going to rent a car and have a drive round different areas. We have never been to Adelaide before so don't know much about it.


    Could anyone please give us some advice on nice areas to live with families ie parks, schools etc. We have a 5 year old and a 1 year old. My husband is a bricklayer so will be looking for work also.


    Any advice would be greatly appreciated as we are feeling a little lost at the moment!


    Many Thanks


    Hermione, Stephen, George and Harry


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    Guest kangomik

    Only YOU can decide where is best for you.

    Take the time when driving around. The areas can all merge into one after a while.

    Think what you NEED and what you WANT. and of course what your dream place is.


    Have fun looking, take lots of breaks, and don't rush, people put to much pressure on settling quickly i feel.


    Oh and speak to people, ask lots of questions.


    Good luck

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    Guest majortom

    I found out that renting a car was quite expensive in our first month here. On insight I wished we would have bought a motor for about $2K, you can get some good bargains at the moment.


    Good luck with everything, sound advice from kangomik, take your time and choose wisely. Even rent first to make sure its the area for you........

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