Great news for adam internet users...

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    Adam effectively doubles all Residential ADSL quotas for free Adam Internet is revamping the way we measure downloads for all Residential ADSL accounts by effectively doubling the current download quota of all plans and providing access to a wide range of unmetered content at no extra charge.


    New "Peak" and "Off-Peak" quotas will replace the current "External Download" quotas of all Adam Residential ADSL plans. The Peak quota will count all data downloaded from the hours of 8 am to midnight and the Off-Peak quota will count all data downloaded from the hours of midnight to 8 am.


    For example, if you are currently on the AdamDirect Light account which has a monthly quota of 5 GB, you will now receive 5 GB to use during Peak times and an additional 5 GB to use during Off-Peak. In this example you can now effectively download 10 GB from anywhere which doubles the value of all residential broadband accounts, while providing the same reliability, service and value for money at no additional cost.


    In addition to this bonus, we are introducing unmetered download traffic that will replace the current "Local" quota. Adam will now provide a selection of sites where all usage is excluded from your monthly download quota. From launch these will include Adam Internet's FileArena, GamingSA (including GamingSA's Steam content server), Fresh FM Radio Stream, KG and the General Live Video Stream, ABC iView & Games.On.Net. Unmetered data will not be counted towards the Peak or Off-Peak data quotas and may be considered free of charge. At the time of launch, the upload quota on all accounts will remain unchanged.


    Adam Internet is excited to announce these changes that will take effect on Tuesday 19 May, 2009. On this date, your local data quota will simply disappear and the new Peak and Off-Peak quotas will appear with all current external data being allocated to your Peak quota.





    Hope this helps some people....






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    That's marvellous HG! Now, for the benefit of feeble minded folk like myself, can you explain what it means?:biglaugh:


    From what i can read into it....it means if you have a plan which lets you download 10Gigs off stuff 24hrs a day...they are now changint it to peak and off peak this means that if your in a plan aready then it will change to 10Gig off peak AND 10Gig peak thus doubling your download allowance.....winner me thinks.


    And certain things like fresh fm will not come out of your allowance....so in theory you can listen the fresh fm all day and still have not used any allowance


    Hope this makes the mud a little bit clearer.:wacko:



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