Renting in Blakeview or Craigmore....

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    Hi, have been doin a lot of reseach on these 2 particular areas, prices seem reasonable (renting and buying) just wondering where the local shopping mall is located, and is Craigmore high a decent school. Thanx in advance for any help xx

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    I would say Elizabeth shopping centre is your closest to Craigmore, don't know about Craigmore high school but I think Blakeview Trinity college up there has a good reputation Munno Para shopping centre is a bit further up than that, I keep being told Elizabeth area is still a rough area by the Aussie's but I love the shopping centre its fairly new quite big but not so busy as Tea Tree plaza which is the local favourite, its got most of the shops you need up there. Haven't been to Munno Shopping Centre yet but it looks even bigger than Elizabeth shopping centre.


    They are also renovating an indoor swimming pool up there looks good, and it should be finished soon.



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