Fishing - help!

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    My son has decided he wants a fishing rod for his birthday :wacko:

    I hate fish, have no idea about fishing and am dreading it! I saw some cheap rods in Kmart - he's only going to be 6 and he'll only be catching little things and throwing them back - can anyone tell me what he'd need, where to fish etc?



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    Guest kangomik

    Cheap rods ok, the fish won't mind.


    Garfish set up..... about 4 bux from the angling shop. some gents (maggots) then a trip down the jetty.


    A word in your shell like......... the kids enjoy casting and reeling in more at that age, catching anything is a bonus....... keep them moving, about an hour max should be enough on the first few visits, less if you get knotted up..... and enjoy. relax, and talk to the others for tips.

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