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    Hi Guys a quick question on grants,


    When we arrive and finaly choose to purchase a house which grants are we entitled to apply for? I am a bit confused. :err:


    Am I right in thinking i will be entitled as a first time buyer the


    First Home Owners Grant of $7000

    First Home Bonus Grant of $4000

    Total of $11000


    We will not be over there till early 2010 so i presume the Boost will have expired, have i got this all right??

    Many Thanks

    Darren & Lisa

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    Hi Darren & Lisa


    Yes if you have Permanent residence and neither of you have owned property before in Australia then as above is right. The boosted grant is due to fully end Dec 2009.


    However the $4,000 bonus grant is only fully available up to a property value of $400,000 and then is tapered out up to $450,000 where it stops completely.





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