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    Hi guys is there anybody out there who can offer me some advice, i am running Windows Vista and i use Firefox as my browser all was ok until probably last few weeks/months.


    My lappy has started running pretty slow and when i do CTRL/ALT/DEL i find that firefox has been running very very hogh and my cpu usage has been at 100%.


    I hope that someone can offer me some help or guidance as its doing my head in, i have even put some more RAM in it is now running on 2Gig ram but tbh there does not seem to be any change in speed from 1Gig......surely it should be running alot faster?



    Please help.



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    Guest Guest75

    o you do any regular maintenance??


    Defragging and stuff??


    Nothing like a good defrag!


    Clears the lost bits and stuff.


    Your cache could be full as well - Firefox does get a little congested.


    Have a go at a free prog called CrapCleaner - does what it says - but remember all your passwords and don't fiddle with the settings until ya know what you are doing!


    Free prog.............





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