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Hi! sparky not sure where to move?

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    Hello there. We are a small family moving to Oz in the near future. I am a qual electrician and have gone down the vetassess route and come through with the wallet looking like its been on a crash diet! Was just wondering what the work situation is at the minute as there has been a few news report saying tradies are in short supply?? we are applying to live in brisbane at present but wonder if we should now change this to Adelaide as the work situation in qsl seems bad and before i can get my a class electricians license will have to complete 1 year gap training.

    I can see this being a problem. Find a job with someone who has to check all your work all the time for a whole year.


    There has been some newsreports in the UK suggesting that theres plenty of work for tradies in Adelaide! Just wondered if this is true?


    Just wondered if anyone might have been lucky enough to live in both citys. and can tell us the pro`s and cons on living in both places any help would be greatful



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