Statutory Maternity Pay

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    I have just been informed that when we come to Oz next year that my wife can still cliam her Statutory Maternity Pay when she is in oz. We are planning on comming out when our child is 3 months old, so we would have 6 months left of SMP.


    I have found this extract on the direct gov website :-


    "If you go to live or visit abroad


    Once you become entitled to or if you are already getting SMP and then go abroad, your employer must pay you SMP. If you work outside the United Kingdom (UK) for a UK employer you may be able to get SMP if your employer pays NI contributions for you, or would pay if your earnings were high enough."


    Is this true? Has anyone had direct experience of this? All comments gladly accepted smile.gif


    Darrren & Lisa

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