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    Hello all, I am a registered childminder here in the UK and when we move i would like to continue this in Adelaide. I am registered over here with ofsted is this recognised over there or do i have to retrain and re register over there, if so how long will this take and can i do this from the UK ?. Is there much work around for childminders aswell and what is the going hourly rate over there ?. Thankyou all.:)

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    I am working as a Family Daycare Provider here in the Eastern suburbs for the past year!

    I have been here for 2years and it is quite a lengthly process even though I had already been working in the UK for the past 16 years...... everyone here has to have a level 3 certificate ,senior first aid and child protection training - the process for me took about 8 months even though I had covered all aspects of "level 3" back in the UK.All my work was sent off for evidence which I had to pay for!!! I do feel that it can be done alot quicker..I was just unlucky because of poor comunication from my office!!

    FDC is not as recognised as in the UK - it took me about 5 months to get my first parent!!

    now I am completely full working four days a week. Be prepared for lots of paperwork....

    btw you are able to have 4 children under 5 in your care!

    Back at home I was an Accredited Childminder which enabled me to do the teaching from 0-5years. They are moving slowly here in the right direction but you will find that it is much more "relaxed approach" than in the UK - no OFSTED....

    Please pm me if you would like further knowledge!


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