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      The Pottertons

      Our Adelaide Reccie experience!

      Hi all, just wanted to add another reccie experience for you all to peruse. i hope you find it useful but bear in mind its only our experience and opinion at the end of the day.
      So we flew in to Adelaide via singapore airlines (who were fab- as always!!!) and the descent in was lovely. It was a clear blue sky and Adelaide looked to me like playmobil land! All the lovely coloured roofs and shimmery swimming pools, so although we were really knackered we couldnt wait to begin exploring. Adelaide airport is really pleasant and has a small town feel to it and we never saw it crowded. We picked up our hire car in the city and it was early so everything was still closed pretty much. So we headed out towards the sea to reach Grange- our first view of the adelaide shoreline. It really is stunning and so natural. The sand is really fine like powder under your feet! Gorgeous!
      Then the hard work began.
      We began by taking a walk into Glenelg from West Beach where we stayed in an apartment on the seafront- very cheaply- anyway 1 hour later we arrive! Knackered as we thought it was only a 20 min walk! we went to a coles supermarket to get provisions. We were initially shocked at the price of things. It certainly isnt cheap but i think once you know where to shop for what it becomes almost the same as the U.K. Be aware though we felt that beer was really dear!! We are used to our 2 crates for 18 at asda or whatever so found that a shock. We found fruit and veg in the supermarkets to be expensive but are more reasonable at the fruit and veg markets/green grocers. Meat seemed cheaper and there is no comparison to the meat here. It was more tender, less fatty and loads tastier!
      Clothes i was expecting to be a problem but was pleasantly surprised at the amount there is to offer. I looked in Adelaide centre and in the Marion centre (like meadowhall) and although i think the quality isnt as good there was choice. They have Kookai and French Connection and other brands that are like warehouse. There is a lot of surferwear stores and sports shops too. I even spotted nine west, lush, body shop etc. And the prices were very similar to what we'de pay here.
      Suburbs (dare i!!!)
      Well i can safely say that all the areas we saw were nicer than a lot of the affordable areas of the U.K and really we all need to look at what we can afford or the lifestyle we are longing for will not exist as we'll be at work 24/7 to pay the mortgage. We looked south first and the areas of Henley, Grange, west beach are lovely but dont have enough amenities for us with children(and the prices are pretty high too!) Glenelg is lovely, i loved it there, but again the prices are really high and it can get quite rowdy if you are near jetty road or the seafront on a weekend. There are lots of bars, clubs etc. But for daytime the little cafes, restaurants and boutiques are lovely! To us it seemed more like a place you would go for a day out. We then looked at Hallet Cove which has the most spectacular views of the sea. The houses all looked really nice and it is having a big shopping centre built there at the moment so amenities will be vast. It is a much bigger suburb than i imagined it to be and has a lovely conservation area along the beach. The beach is quite pebbly but is very pretty and im told great for crabbing etc.
      We looked at Flagstaff Hill which we though was lovely but to us felt too rural in the respects of it feeling quite closed in with trees. The scenery from up there is spectacular and there is a lovely feel to the area.
      We then went to look at Victor Harbour and were so impressed. It really is a beautiful, sleepy little town full of charm but too far from the city. Again a day out destination when we arrive.
      All the areas south seemed nice, to mention them all would take forever but they are the ones that stick in our minds.
      So north then- well to be honest we only drove around really and you can tell that the people who live there are not as well off as the southerners from the houses and the cars people drove but to be honest it didnt seem as bad as i imagined it would and i do think suburb snobbery can taint your views before youve seen for yourself so dont rule anything out. As i said i think affordability is really important to remember.
      Open viewings on a weekend are fab and we spent a lot of time checking out houses. New houses aswell as resale houses. The display homes on the new housing estates are great to look around- how the other half live hey! And the prices if you can find a decent priced plot of land (which isnt as easy as it sounds) are quite cheap. Housing prices are quite high generally and although rooms seem to be bigger and you seem to get more for your money they are comparitive to Leicester at the moment. Again it really depends on where you live to get a comparison. Most of the houses we looked at being 3 bed were around the 160,000 to 180,000.
      The schools all seemed to have great facilities and lots of open space. Thanks to a lovely PIA member (you know who you are) who arranged for me to spend some time in a classroom i came away feeling really positive about the system. It seems so relaxed. The teacher didnt raise her voice once and the classroom seemed calm without her needing to do that. The Aussie kids are taught so much about having confidence and self esteem from a young age and it really shows. The system seemed to teach kids at the stage they are individually at rather than slower kids being left behind or brighter kids being held back which i found really impressive.
      Will need to do a part 2 im afraid- out of space!!!!

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      Thanks for your post it is really good to read other peoples opinions. We must have been in Adelaide the same time as you. I am surprised we didn't bump into each other at any of the house viewings and we were also in Victor Harbour which as you say is stunning. When are you planning on returning for good?

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      Hi Yvonne,

      Lovely to hear about your reccie. I await with bated breath for part 2.

      Glad you enjoyed it and was wondering when you would post. Nice to hear about everything but especially the house prices. With us living in leicester also, it was good to get an idea of what you will get for the price and how they compare to Leicester.

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      Nice write up Yvonne. We will have to sort this Leicester meet out and we can quiz you on it all.

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      The Pottertons
      Thanks all. And yes Pete we'll have to get round to booking a date! Look forward to it!! Yvonne xx


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