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    • FAQ Updates 12.0   Special Thanks to all the legends. Disclaimer: All information below is at your own risk. This summarize the group's ideas/discussion/my own interpretation of past events. Feel free to tell me what you want to contribute.   Comedy of the year 2018 by toot   The mood of Case Officer: Coffee no good = get me another AFP Wife angry         = more evidence for 1 year employment Parking ticket     = MORE evidence for employment Rent due             =  MORE, MORE evidence of 1 year employment Coffee Spill         = Upload a picture of you working 35 hours week Traffic in the morning = Bring your Boss to DIBP   I live with my mate and do not pay rent Download the statutory declaration and fill it in.   Repeat after me! I shall Micro Manage my 887 application and remember this well.   Hold on to your balls and plug your pee hole! If you must have a baby, make sure he is at least 1 year old by the time you apply for 887 so Bub wouldn''t need to get 6 month old medical checkup and look too different from the passport. Plus all the complexity of attaching Bub to 887.   Sure fire ways to get yourself into trouble and wait for 6 more months I want to go for holiday, as my bridging Visa has not kick in. I am reluctant to submit a document due to “(enter your reason)” The form is too long, maybe I should submit when the CO call. I just gave birth I just got married I want to work else where, seriously, stop asking! I just made sushi for dinner.   READ THIS  https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-listing/skilled-regional-887#HowTo   Sign this Petition https://www.change.org/p/david-coleman-reduce-processing-time-for-887-pr-visa-to-7-months   The Excel tracking (download the file and stop messing around with it!!) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ApeHDAjEH60WFBNLeq14wvGzegiqGC4KD0U-OyH_w6U/edit#gid=0   Ombudsman http://www.ombudsman.gov.au/How-we-can-help/immigration-ombudsman   I want to complaint!!!   Global Feedback https://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/help-and-support/departmental-forms/online-forms/complaints-compliments-and-suggestions   AFP expires If your AFP expire, renew it just in case. Another way is apply for your AFP 6 months after you apply for 887. This will save some cost.   Scary Movie of Year 2019 My CO just called me…. Going to be trap for another 6 months.     What to upload cheat sheet/ Bible Tax doc, employment contract, superannuation, bank statement showing salary, pay slip, PayG/ Group Cert AFP, Oversea Police cert (longest time to acquire), Military release cert Passport Notification of incorrect Answers Marriage cert, lease agreement Form 80, 1221 Bank statement for 2 years, Car Rego/ Utility/ Phone bill/ Internet bill Driver’s license Aussie Rental agreement Passport photo Child - passport, birth cert, photo Spouse- same as above, language is a letter from school/ IELTS   I hate filling in those forms! Especially notification of incorrect Answers Go to your immi account/ update details/ XXXXXX. This is the easier way.   Bridging Visa for 887 is like IPhone Plus minus the headphone jack Once you have bridging, you will have some difficulty travelling oversea. All you get is a Medicare card. Other condition in 489 remains.    Parents appearing in health assessment Immi account Family Unit ....... Family members......family unit...... Family members.... Riddle me this In the 887 application and reference to form 1497i 1.     Accompanying / non-accompanying Family unit = Spouse and child 2.     Other family members = brothers, sisters, mistress, father, mother Now you understand, go and prepare a notification of incorrect answers.     My Baby look different from the passport!!! 1.     This is for 501 medical 2.     Download the form from this link  https://www.australia.gov.au/information-and-services/public-safety-and-law/statutory-declarations 3.     Select a few your baby's photos (4x6cm) from the passport date to the medical exam date then stick them at the form's footer. 4.     Get support from someone (not your relatives) to fill the form and do JP it. 5.     Example of the declarer’s content: "The passport's photo and the rest of other photographed are of the same child <your child full name> <DOB> <Address>".     My Agent told me not to submit So far 5 to 7 cases I can think of agent's decision is wrong.    Spouse English Get your University to write a letter as university course materials might not be recognize by Australia.   Relationship with Spouse Marriage cert is not enough, need to prove continuing relationship        
    • All applicant should be in Australia at time of decision 
    • Hi guys, i have been here 8 years and moved with my youngest son at the time my other son did not want to come. He wants to move now had a partnet and 2 kids. I am a citizen, what visa can he apply for or can i sponsor him? He is 25 years old. Any advice would be great. Thanks😊
    • We have spent week after week, and month after month hoping that the next week or next month will bring some good news, but these COs are hopeless. Don't know whom to approach, what to do.😟
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