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    • Would highly recommend Bowden, Croydon or possibly Woodville etc along the Outer Harbor rail line. 15 mins by bike, 7 mins by train from Croydon - less from Bowden, slightly more from Woodville. Really easy access until the CBD by any mode of transport, off-road cycle path from Croydon all the way into the heart of the city. I've put suburb guides on here for Bowden & Croydon.    
    • Thanks Mate, but the problem is I got job there but the work was too hard, thats why I left the job and moved to queensland.
    • Hi Rohit,  no mate . That shouldn't be a problem. Because I did the same and we got our 887 visa last week. I was also originally sponsored by Orana and couldn't find job up there. So, I got the releAse letter from Orana and moved to QLD. Thanks and best of luck with your visa .  Cheers  Ifte
    • Sunny and blue skies is the norm here much of the time. Just winter is just that for a short period of time. I rather like having a colder damper spell after so much sun though. Unlike the UK I know its not going to drag on a long time and often we get lovely sunny days where it is tee shirt warm (if you are my husband and son that is!) even in mid winter. This winter wasn't as wet and soggy as last, that did go on for most of it it seemed but when it rains and storms, it rains and storms. Still, over soon enough and before you know it we'll be baking in 30C plus over some of the summer.  Make sure your house has good working aircon and a decent heating option for the following winter. 

      O'HH isn't too far out tbh. Its easy access to a couple of main road routes into the city and elsewhere and gives you options to commute by train driving over to the Seaford line from Hallett Cove. Also easy access to beaches and the hills from there. We probably live about the same distance out but a lot more into the foothills and further from the coast. Plus for us we are closer to the Belair train line into the city. I find O'HH a bit of a sandwiched in suburb since they opened the expressway as its got a lot of heavy traffic running close to it now but thats the only thing. As a starting point its fine and you may find its somewhere you want to be longer term, you may find elsewhere that appeals. Least you've got an area sorted to start you off and can work out from that as you find your feet.   
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