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      The bar stuards stole my bird bath ARRRRRGH.

      Not a very expensive one but still it was mine not theirs. Rang the police as we had some quite suss blokes knocking about yesterday and we wondered if we are one of many. they advised me to speak to the nighbours and have a drive around the area. So I did no joy appart from 1 nighbour who had been that susspicious of these blokes she had followed them found out where they were working and taken their car reg. So I rang the police back only to be told that as they hadnt been seen with the bird bath their was nothing they could do. But I could go to the house they were working at and see if they had my bird bath and what these blokes were doing for them. Its a wonder they get anything solved. I.E we didnt see him braking into the bank so we cant posible question him. And when am I going to get paid for doing thier job. They wonder why they get no public support. I know in the greater sceam of things its probably not very important but it was just as exercise in writing it down for the insuranc they are going to do bu**er all abut it but it dosent half make me mad

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      :o What do you expect the police to do? You should know they haven't got the resources to investigate something as petty a theft. They put all their officers trying to raise money by catching someone breaking the speed limit by 2 mph. Much more important. ;)

      "Evening all"

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      Its bloody infuriating when thieves get away with your property, but sometimes they get their just rewards.
      About 20 years ago I was returning home with my trailer and it came unhitched & careered across traffic. Luckily it didnt hit anyone, turned out the coupling was faulty.
      Made it home OK & woke up to find it missing.
      The cops had the usual response, I resigned myself to never seeing it again.
      BUT a month later it was on the news with a different number plate ,I recognised it by a splat of paint on the side.
      You guessed it, shot through traffic this time hitting 4 cars & causing multiple collisions!
      Of course I couldnt prove it was mine with the different number plate, but those thieves would be paying out for years

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      I can but hope the top of my bird bath falls off at the car boot and breaks someones foot!
      Pete you been caught speeding recently by any chance?

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      It must be the day for it! We woke up to find someone had ransacked our car on our own drive and stole ians PDA out of the glove box. We stupidly forgot to lock it last night so no insurance:(. Dirty, robbing b*******. I hope they get some sort of horrible flesh eating virus. Not that I'm in any way vindictive.


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      ok Youve put my bird bath into context. Rotten s*ds. them not u. we will just have to hope they get their just deserts. Or at the very least caught some hopes in both cases i think.


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