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      What's the real picture of employment in Adelaide for Finance Professionals


      We are considering moving to Adelaide, but really would like to understand what the real picture is for employment for Finance Professionals. Both myself and my wife have extensive finance experience in London at some of the largest global companies - my wife now works for an Australian Insurance company based in London (offices in Sydney and Melbourne) and I run some online businesses. As part of our move to Australia my wife will take some time off to ensure our daughter is settled before trying to find some part time work near home and I wish to get back into a finance role in the CBD once my businesses in the UK are sold.

      I've taken a good look at some of the positions on websites such as seek.com and while there are more positions similar to our experience in Sydney and Melbourne, we are keen to find out if Adelaide could offer us the same career opportunities, whilst giving our family a more relaxed way of life without the stress of the big cities.

      I'd really appreciate understanding from any fellow finance professionals what the market really is like, how long it's likely to take to find a position and if working in Adelaide would be better than the other big cities.

      Thanks so much, Rich.

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      What's the real picture of employment in Adelaide for Finance Professionals

      Hey Rich.

      I was a planner in the UK but decided that the best way of forwarding my career would be to start off in a non planning/para planning type role.

      Im a believer that you can't emigrate and expect to fall into the same sort of thing as you had before you left. There are some considerable market differences for a start, and I think I'll be a better planner in the medium term by going down this route.

      Mixed news recently. Finance professionals are still being hired, but st an apparently decreasing rate. I think largely it is a fairly saturated market in terms of the amount of companies.

      I feel really lucky to have found a very progressive company which has great future growth and I think most of those hiring should be aligned with these principles.

      I also did all my finance quals with Kaplan before Ieft the UK (In July) and started my job two days after we landed but that was secured before we left.

      Finally, consider applying for all types of positions - don't narrow it down too much initially. Lots of 'who you know' seems relevant here in Adelaide so maybe a foot in the door might be all you need! Good luck!
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