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      Smile Teaching degree

      Hello everyone,
      always on this site (think I've read every message there is!), but usually a little too shy to chat.. Need to get over that if gonna be moving 'millions' of miles away from friends and family eh!!?? Guess it jst feels a bit like intruding into a close circle of mates (sign of a great site I guess ;))..
      I am doing a teaching degree at the moment and trying to find as much information as possible about transfering to Uni in Oz to complete.. gazillions of questions.. but just one to start with (easy does it eh)! :De.g. If we are granted a permenant residency visa, will I still be classed as 'international' student (for fees)??..
      Would really appreciate any info regarding this subject..
      p.s. I'm the Nik from NiknRich x

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      You wont be charged as international student if you have PR but you will still pay more than a citizen will. I think this is because they have the right to pay up front hence they get discounted fees. Hope thAT helps

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      Thank you Sarah. As a mature(allegedly)student, with two children, the fees are a major issue. As well as the worry of, will I actually cope with all the usual issues!!; Selling our home (just had an offer today)! Where to live, getting the children settled, Rich finding work, the workload of a degree... the list is endless... Think I've read every suburb and school profile for the whole of SA- my heads a shed!! too much info I think :-/ As everyone seems to keep saying, think it's going to be best to visit and get a feel for the areas instead (hoping to do that around christmas time). x
      p.s. As a hairdresser in my former life (pre children:-) thats one area I'm dreading as I'm a bit of a fussy cow, so I'l definately be looking you up when we get there :-D xxx

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      No worries, give me a pm when you get here!
      Good luck with everything

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      Hey Guys,

      I'm a trained primary school teacher and thats where my comment ends sadly as I can't answer your question! lol

      But I just want to say good luck with it all and hope to see you and your gang over here one day.

      Judi x

      P.S. If you settle around Hallett Cove, you must come along to our very successful Friday Meets.

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      Did you qualify and teach in the UK Judi? If so, how does it compare to Oz.. curriculum etc?.. and wondering if there are extra exams to sit even if fully qualified from over here(I've read about needing first aid certs).... Keep thinking if Sally off Home and Away can become a head at about 17yrs old, the whole system must be pretty laid back and there's hope for me yet!!!! LOL :Dx p.s. Hallett Cove looks beautiful x

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      Thanks for the good luck wishes Sarah x


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