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      Skills Assessment - What is the process

      Hi Everyone

      Its me again!! Just wondering if anyone knows exactly the process when you are applying for your skills assess.

      I have 4 diplomas and have to get an Educational Assessment from the Aussie government which costs about AUD 450

      I then have to get a Vetassess done which costs AUD 350 - Is it my diplomas that are assessed at this time even though my nominated occupation is different to my diplomas? My nominated employment is Office Manager and Im just wondering what exactly they assess you on with Vetassess. Im trying to figure out if I need an agent to do this.

      If I use an agent at this time its going to cost me another 1000 - surely I could do this all myself???


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      What is the education assessment to which you refer? I don't recognise it in the context of the skilled visa application process.

      If you are nominating the occupation Office Manager you will be required to undertake a skills assessment through the assessing body called VETASSESS. VETASSESS simply looks at qualifications, not work experience - in the case of a 40 point occupation such as Office Manager you will be required to submit quals that are assessed as at least equivalent to an Australian Diploma.

      A couple of other points:

      - ensure you are certain of your visa strategy; do you have State or Territory Government sponsorship in prospect, for example?

      - if your existing quals are not sufficient it is possible to obtain an Australian Diploma through distance learning via providers such as Orion Training

      In case of need: http://www.gomatilda.com/contact.cfm#ouroffices

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      Hi Alan

      I need to get my skills assessed through an educational assessment before I put through my Vetasses. I have four diplomas all of which are ITEC and because the college in which I study has not come up on the list as accredited colleges I firstly need to go and get an educational assessment : http://www.aei.gov.au/AEI/Qualificat...on/default.htm

      Only then can I do the vetassess. Does this seem strange to you? Im only going by what I have been told.



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