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    Thread: Military discharge certificate

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      Military discharge certificate

      Just been going through the application check list, and it states copy of military discharge certificate.
      I left the RAF in 2004, but don't ever recall recieving one! Do I need one?
      Also, I seem to recall recieving a letter stating I had 18 years reserve to complete, do I need a letter stating it is ok for me to emmigrate from the RAF?
      Any help gratefully recieved

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      Hi, this is your "red book" but if you did what i did you probably lost it.

      If you have write to manning records and they can send you a military record which has your discharge date on it.

      I left back in 1998 and my reservist only lasted for 10 so i was clear but you must be able to get cleared of this duty as people emigrate straight from the forces. 1 thing though the military system is really slow so get this stuff now not when someone asks for it. Took me the best part of 6 weeks to get a copy of my records from them.
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      You definitely need it. I needed a service certificate as well as a clearance certificate.



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