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      Job Experience Nursing

      Hi all

      need a bit of help/advice please.

      We sent of our intial assessmnet to agents in dec, but yesterday i got an e mail of another agent and he informed me that as Phil has just qualified, (gets his registration IN may) he needs to have 12 months work experience as a RMN, and that we could probably start the process in about 9 months!

      is this the only way OR could we look at sponsership, as i am coming over to adelaide in feb, without Phil, but i thought maybe if i took his CV with me i could do some digging? what do you think?
      i am a bit upset that we might not get there at all as Phil is 43 this year and time is not on our side!! the $64 million dollar question is can we still make it??
      Also, worrried about Becky and changing school at a crucial age as she could be nearly 15 then! has anyone else moved with kids this age?

      thanks for your time
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      Nursing Enquiry


      I have been scrutinising nursing positions across Adelaide and generally there appears to be a 6-12 month post registration requirement on most posts. After this time, it is possible that your partner could get sponsership via various nursing agencies or go down the permanent visa route. As long as he is under 45 at the point of the application being lodged and can demonstrate that he has worked for 12 out of the last 18 months prior to application, as an RMN, you will still be ok timewise. Can't help with the 15 yr old enquiry, sorry.

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      hi there

      You dont really need to use an agent as a nurse,the paperwork is quite easy to do yourself.Save yourself the money!!

      Another alternative is that your husband applies to do a Graduate nursing programme over here.these are for newly qualified nurses and they are paid and gain their experience.many hospitals do them

      if you need further help pm me

      good luck

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      thanks for that info.but really confused now as we got some info back from the agents today saying that we can apply for a visa sub class 176 and no mention of Phil not having experience as a rmn.
      so will have a sit down tonight and a good read so more questions could arise!!! to all on pia
      thanks again


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