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      My cat & areas to avoid in Adelaide

      Has anyone emigrated from the UK to Aus with their cat? If so, how much, what was the proceedure
      Also, on the accomodation front, are there any areas in Adelaide that are best to be avoided when considering renting accomodation

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      Jackie of Sandy
      Hi there, glad to hear you want to bring along your furry friend, I haven't actually sent a cat from UK to OZ, but I do run a boarding cattery The Lucky Lodge at Reynella East SA. I have about 4 cats that have come over with their humans, I think it costs a fair bit of money, they can go into quarantine for 1 month here or some vets will give a jab that will avoid that.

      Most suburbs are pretty good, although I live in the south and would prefer to live south, we are 15 mins from the beach, 30 mins from Adelaide City, 30 mins from the wineries in McLaren Vale, lots of schools, huge shopping centres, hospitals.

      I would hate to say what suburbs to avoid I may hurt someones feelings, the eastern suburbs are very expensive, west is cheaper.

      Do you have a map of South Australia to look at???

      The areas I like are Reynella East of course, Happy Valley, Hallett Cove, Aberfoyle Park, Flagstaff Hill, Morphett Vale, Woodcroft, Port Noarlunga, Moana, Seaford, these are all south, most rentals probably anything from $180 upwards


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      I understand it will cost around £1000 to send your cat. Just looking into it now, as we can't leave our mog behind...........

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      We are using Jets for Pets to take our cats Six and Muterly from Leeds to Adelaide - costs are approximately 1200.


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      The Bowmans
      Hi there

      We will be taking Amber and Max with us - not negotiable! We have been quoted 1200 for both of them by Jets4Pets. They are really helpful and answered all our questions. You have to pay boarding fees for 30 days on arrival in Oz and the nearest quarantine centre is in Melbourne.

      Hope this helps


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      Serious ??? No quarantine in Adelaide...?

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      The Bowmans
      I sure am!

      The qurantine centres ae in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and not sure but maybe Brisbane. So the nearest to Adelaide is Melbourne - all pets need to be collected/transported from there after their 30 days are up ......

      Get ready for a plane/road trip to Melbourne and back......:(


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      What about the kids

      Yo Dudes
      How long do the kids have to go in quarantine for? Was hoping a couple of years ;).
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