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      Hi Hayley

      We are leaving our UK account open so that we have access to uk debit card still for pressie buying online for people in uk etc. Don't know about the tax side of it though.

      As long as you did not renounce your uk citizenship - ie get dual nationality in oz you would be free to come and go as you wish without problems.

      We popped in the bank the other day and they said no problem leaving account open as long as we had uk address so will use my mums.

      Lisa :D

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      donna T
      What a great idea (another one from Lisa) to have a UK account to buy on-line xmas pressies - I shall have to leave a few behind for just that - thank you for the tip once again

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      That really is a good idea!

      Good thinking Lisa.. :)

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      banks in uk

      Hi everyone,
      We have opened a bank account here with HSBC and they have international banking so transfer money to and thro free, we might change that when we get over there we are just following friends advice who have already done it and are there living the dream!! :lol:

      We are just waiting to here from the oz branch, it really is like a mine field out there, sooooo much to research,god i get my self in a knot i read that much! :?

      bye Hayls

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      My hubby's RAF pension is paid into our UK Barclay account and we just use the ATM to get money from it if we need to use it.

      One tip though, make sure you give a family memebr staying in UK to make bank enquiries on your behalf as the time difference can be a nightmare if you need to speak to the bank or any other company.

      We gave my mum the power to deal with any UK related problems, you'll be surprised how many times she had to speak to Onetel (phone company) for us explaining why our Direct Debit had been canceled with them, it took almost six months for them to stop writing telling us we needed to set the DD up again so we could continue paying the phone bill, what phone bill? we were no longer in the UK.

      We also had all our mail redirected to my mums house, she would then open it all and forward onto us anything we needed but for the most part because we informed everyone (gas, leccy, phone, family allowance.....) that she had our permission to deal with things, mum was able to sort out any problems so she didn't need to forward much mail onto us.

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      Hi ,
      thanks for that i think i will also give my mum that job, i am leaving canceling my family allowance right till the last minute as ive heard if you let them know you are going they stop right away!!!!!
      How long have you been out there?
      did it take a long time to settle?
      Thanks again, any more little bits of advice you can think of i would be grateful as there is so much to think of im sure to forget something :shock:
      bye for now Hayls

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      I've been here 2 years saturday just gone (so can now apply for citizenship) and I'm still not settled but that's because of hubby's job (Military) so we're actually on the move in January, we're moving from Brisbane area to Adelaide area which is how come I found this forum.

      I'm hoping Adelaide is a friendlier city than Brisbane.

      If you're giving your mum permission to deal with UK matters on your behalf make sure you let anyone she might have to deal with know that she will be acting on your behalf or they just will not discuss things with her.

      Because of how family allowance is paid you will recieve it for two weeks after you leave UK. Any money left in a UK bank account must be declared to the tax office when tax returns are due as it's classed as income.

      If you have a satelite dish and reciever then bring them with you and continue paying for it through your UK bank, here we have Foxtel but it's nowhere near as good as Sky, not sure if it'll work here but you won't get much, if anything forit if you try selling it so you've nothing to lose really, you'll just have to twiddle with the dish to see if you can get a good picture.

      Do you have an arrival date yet? any idea which suburb you'll be living in? I'll try to be a friendly face for you and help you in any way I can through the minefield of things as much as I can as I know how difficult it can all be.

      We should be moving into our house down there around January 8th give or take a few days.

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      Yay just sorted our account with Westpac!! Oz account all sorted so another job done :D


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      donna T
      I did mine too today with Comonwealth Bank - aren't they all sooo nice - they even rang back when they said they would - very nice change! :P



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