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      More Poms looking for rental!

      Hi there

      We recently emigrated from the UK and although we initially thought we'd settle in Brisbane (which is where we arranged our short term accommodation) we fell in love with Adelaide on our travels and will be flying back there this coming Saturday (24th Nov).

      Problem is, we didn't realise how tough it would be to find short term rental accommodation back there, we've looked at private places and caravan parks, all kinds and not found anything suitable, or if it is suitable it isn't available

      What we're after is somewhere quiet (we've had awful noise problems where we are in Brisbane) but near enough to transport, maybe shops etc and with broadband access. It would need to be furnished too as we didn't bring much with us and we'd be looking at staying until at least just after christmas so we can start looking for a place to buy but without the stress of moving again before the holiday.

      Can anyone help? Any advice or pointers gratefully received and thanks in advance.

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      Hi there Pinkie
      Obviously we are full because you have checked our website, but will ask around here and see if anyone has vacancies. Have you tried www.adelaidebound.com.au for more ideas?

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      Smile 4 bed 2 bath in Hallett Cove

      Hi Pinkie
      My friend Matt is moving back to NZ and is looking to rent out his house in HC for $360 PW fully furnished, I can pass on his number if you'd like to contact me.
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      Cheers guys

      Thanks both for responding, we've spent all day panicking about this and have now booked in for 6 weeks at somewhere called Dress Circle which is in the city but has the things we need for the immediate future, we hope. Once we get back there we will start looking longer term and hopefully as we'll be giving more notice we'll be able to use one of the services offered if we don't find somewhere to buy early in the year.

      I'm just sooooo relieved to finally have somewhere I know we'll be over christmas, it's going to be strange enough being the first christmas away.

      Thanks again for offers of help and support :)

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      HI Pinkie
      glad to hear you have found something, must admit haven't heard of the dress circle is it in the city centre? Hpe you have a great Christmas and you can find something more permanent in the new year!

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      Thanks Wendy (are you the same Wendy who uses British Expats btw?), thanks for the kind words!

      We are now back in Adelaide, a strangely emotional arrival yesterday morning (probably something to do with the dawning of reality now the honeymoon is literally over!) and checked into our apartment. Seems Dress Circle are a family run management company who have a selection of apartments round the city, probably what you'd call 'executive' as they're not the cheapest but because we needed certain facilities such as broadband and that's all included it isn't that bad. Apartment is fantastic, we're just off Melbourne Street which (if you don't know it) is just lovely. Full of strange little shops and lovely cafes and restaurants. Walking distance to the city too which is great. The lady who showed us the place (one of the owners of Dress Circle) was lovely and the little touches have made a huge difference - like they've left us enough basics for a good few days so we've not had to rush out to buy milk or cereal - they've even left us a decent supply of toilet rolls!

      I think the biggest bonus was being able to totally unpack our suitcases after nearly two months!!

      Anyway we're off to check out the Rundle Street Market shortly, loved that last time we were here and as you'll know, the weather is fab so Adelaide is looking like a great choice so far :D

      When we're settled in a bit we're going to start seeing if we can sneak into one of these coffee mornings I believe some of the expats do and start the process of making some new friends.

      Thanks again!


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