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      OO are ya

      Tin Cup Golf Society played every second Sunday

      Hi...been back in Radelaide for a few years now and this golf society is brilliant.
      You don't have to organise tee times....they play different courses around Adelaide all within a short drive.

      A good laugh...they welcome newbies with open arms as well......and players who used to play alot before kids came along and don't have the time or energy to play weekly......

      Take a look and give Shane a buzz.

      Click below for details.
      I will see you out there.


      PM me if you want more details.


      OO are ya
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      Hi Shane,
      Are you still playing golf every other Sunday? If so, when and where is the next get together?

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      hi coming out to adelaide in sept might be a bit busy for a month but hoping for some golf when we settle in . just wondering how much are green fees for a sunday morning with your society and whats the average cost to join a golf club in adelaide thanks mike

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      OO are ya
      sorry for slack reply...click on the link above and it tells you fixtures etc.


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      Hi there, are you still playing golf every second weekend. I have recently moved to Adelaide and would like to play some social golf and meet some new friends. If still playing can you drop me a pm.
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