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  1. I'm keen to meet up, 30 from the Midlands, live in Western suburbs
  2. Mums of Little Ones Northern Suburbs

    Yes please! My boy was 2 in September and I'd love to meet up with other mums. How about bubbles play cafe?
  3. Hi All

    Hey, how have you settled in so far? Where abouts are you? We have been here nearly 4 years now and are in the northern suburbs. Have you met anyone from this site? Lucy
  4. Car sales

    Not sure of a good place to buy from but we have recently bought a new car. We got it from the mitsubishi dealership on north east road (it was a ford escape someone had part ex'd against a new mitsubishi, not super cheap but well priced and we were pleased with the service). Also, we still have our previous car which we have just put up for sale. We were going to keep it as a car for the family to use when they visit, but to be honest we could use the extra cash! It is a Holden (ahem, Vauxhall!) Astra, 2003, up for $5000. Shoot us a pm if you're interested
  5. Kids fold out bed seats

    Ah ok, bit far out for us (from the northern suburbs!) Hope they sell - sounds like a bargain! :-)
  6. Kids fold out bed seats

    Where abouts are you? Might be interested
  7. Looking for friends!

    Hey all, We used to post on her heaps before we moved to Adelaide and, now that three years have passed, we are back on the forum! I guess we are feeling a bit sorry for ourselves this Christmas and have decided to stop moping around and get out there! We both work full time, have a 1 year old and are renovating so we do have a lot to keep us busy but we are missing those social links. If anyone in the Northern suburbs (or thereabouts) would like to meet up for a drink or something, give us a holler! Hope you all had a Meery Christmas and are looking forward to the new year hope to hear from you soon. Lucy and Chris
  8. Buddies please!

    I'd love to meet some new people when you have your next neet up :-) I'm 27 and hubby is too. We are in pooraka and it reminds you how quiet it can be when all your aussie mates are off visiting rellies over Christmas! Would be great to meet some others who aren't super busy with extended families over the holidays ;-)
  9. 35 degrees is coming !!!!

    Wahey! I've been waiting for it to heat up! My first full Aussie summer
  10. We've been here since June and keep meaning to make one! Will try and make this one, don't think anything is on this weekend. Hope to see you there! Lucy x
  11. Broken Lease - Blair Athol

    It's $260 p/w. When are you looking to move? We can arrange a viewing if you like. We have actually broken the lease, so it will be a fresh 6 months lease. Let me know if you'd like any more info. Lucy
  12. Introducing Myself!

    Hi Emma, We are here on a permanent residency visa, been here 4 months now! PM us when you come over and we can meet for a drink if you like? Lucy and Chris
  13. Hi there, I am just looking into setting up my own business at the moment. I am opening a family day care centre in my home but have only just started the process - waiting for my police clearance so I can get going on it! Not sure if this helps? Lucy
  14. Broken Lease - Blair Athol

    Hi there, Me and the hubby have just broken our lease and moved to Pooraka. It is a 2 bedroom unit in a block of 3, nice place to get settled in when you get here as it is clean and simple and close to the city. Close to northpark shopping centre and nice has neighbors. PM me if you are interested. It is a great place to get started from. Thanks, Lucy
  15. Just Got Here!!

    Hello! Me and the hubby just arrived in Adelaide a couple of weeks ago. After 2 hectic weeks of house hunting...moving in...going to Ikea...building Ikea furniture ... and so on, we are finally settled(ish) and would love to meet some people here! We are both 23 and living in Blair Athol near Gepps Cross at the moment, but it would be great to get out and about so if anyone fancies meeting up for a coffee, let us know! Lucy and Chris xx