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      Quote Originally Posted by yisawoo View Post
      What I can't understand is that their house cost 160,000 and they had a pool.
      they had been living out there for 4 years i think house prices have changed quite abit in that time as they have here

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      hi I agree for the most part that he was a moaner! $500 dollars to get his certs recognised! i think he was scared of a hard days work! it said that he was only earning $100 a WEEK! if my OH only earned that i would send him back to the uk!
      i do feel fir people who miss home & am sure it would be normal but he wouldn't have been happy anywhere!!!!
      Think that these programmes are for the reaction of the most extreme cases & i think he would have been a nut case to return to the uk!
      steph x x

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      For everyone thats got themselves a decent/reasonable job there is an equal amount who havent, through no real fault of their own...this bloke probably didnt like it here and was a miserable g1t because of that and from what i gather didnt try too hard either.
      For some people once you get down it is very hard to get back up. I'm sure the programme was also edited for the best show and OMG factor.
      It is easy when watching on to say how pathetic someone is and it is also easy to criticise from an armchair, but when you get here for some people it is bl**dy hard...and it could be anybody...you wont really know till you get here. And that is not a dig at anyone who has posted on this thread. I know people on the modl list, who after 6 to12 months of being here have only just got jobs.

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      I think they are quite along way out of Perth and they are having their house built so I suppose it could end up costing alot more but at the moment it sounds sooo cheap.

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      Read this joke in a book about AU sounds appropriate

      How can you tell that a plane load of migrants is on the landing strip at sidney airport?

      After the engins switch off the whinning goes on!

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      Yo Dudes
      The comment that summed him up was 'you can't make a Wally out of a Cockney'.....didn't realise Sutton was within the sound of Bow Bells :)
      (think they call them 'Mocneys' or 'plastic cockneys')
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      The Francis clan
      Saw the programme-and yes while we can't appreciate how hard it can be for some people to find jobs,or if they desperately miss home-I do think that bloke was a total plonker!
      We're in the same boat as the family on the programme-I'm a nurse and will be getting the main job-but we've already put the feelers out for my OH-yet someone's got to settle the kids while I start work-HOWEVER-there's NO WAY that-4 years on my OH won't be doing something-even if he's got to retrain!(his words by the way!)
      6 weeks seems an incredibly short time in which to move-we've done 4 months of research so far making sure it's the right move for us and the kids-me thinks they hoped their marriage might pick up in a different country-I had friend who did that and they've now split-who knows what it's really going to be like when we all get there-it was tough enough moving to Jersey from London,but if you're prepared to get on with it and make the most of things you usually cope.
      Di -I hope you and you're family get home soon-I do appreciate how hard it can be-even a small stretch of water can cause a lot of homesickness to start with and loads of people from here have ended up back home-at least you can say you gave it a good go!

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      Wink Fake?

      I think the chap was acting and they went on the programme for a free christmas holiday. It didn't ring true. If they have been there for four years they would certainly have given up by now if he was that unhappy!

      nikki :p

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      Quote Originally Posted by carters View Post
      I think the chap was acting and they went on the programme for a free christmas holiday. It didn't ring true. If they have been there for four years they would certainly have given up by now if he was that unhappy!

      nikki :p
      I also didn't take to the bloke, as I have said on previous threads - and no offence meant to anyone who's somewhere they don;t want to be - I really do feel for them - but we have both agreed we will stay for a minimum of 5 years. The main reason is to get citizenship and then when we get home, our children will be citizens of both countries, if we come home and they want to go back when they are older they won't have to go through all the visa process we have.

      On the positive though, we are going to love it, work hard, have a great life and not want to come home!!!

      Di- hope it all works out for you soon, really do feel for you being in a place when you don't want to be there.


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