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    Thread: 9 weeks

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      9 weeks

      Hi 9 weeks to go til we arrive in Adelaide. BUT no job yet, hubby is a chef have been looking on seek an monster is it 2 early to apply for them to take us seriously? also have tried for OAA but no back up plan shud i be panicking?
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      There are quite a few chef jobs out here, alot depends on where you want to be living.

      You can try and line up a few chats/interviews before you get here.

      Good luck,

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      Apply Apply Apply

      Give them flight details, and dates when using a covering letter. Once they know your comming you get a better response.;)
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      Hi Clare.

      Heard that the Casino is always on the lookout for good staff .

      Casino - Restaurants - Bars - Functions - Adelaide Casino
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      Start applying but dont be surprised if they dont jump to make offers. What can they say except no thanks, you might be lucky.

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      The Dimmocks
      Send out as many e-mails as you can, we sent out about 60 e-mails and had 4 positive ones back. Keeping my fingers crossed you get OAA. xx

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      ahh thanx guys, feels good getting opinions from here coz i know ul know wot ur talking bout!
      feeling more confident now! will let u know how we get on

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      Chef jobs - you need to be here and willing to do trials - trawl around places/hand out resumes, dont go during service hours (12-2.30 & 6-9) - know that things are differnt here - it was like going back to 1990 for me...and the introduction of the food safety act - bigger places tend to be better/more regulated/procedures in place than smaller operations etc.

      IME if you go for a job and get the interview and want the job you have to do the chasing - not wait for them to call you back...show interest above and beyond just attending the interview.
      and if for some reason you cant make or dont want the interview let the headchef/boss know you wont be going - politeness but also hospitality is a very small world here and they all talk to each other!
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