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  1. Anyone recommend a good weather site?

    Willy weather.... HG
  2. Agent not doing final inspection !!!

    Hey, dnt forget that these people who invade your home are working for someone who has spent alot of money making that house rentable so you can call it home, we just got shat on by a tennant and have spent hundreds if not thousands fixing the house back up. so seeing this post makes me realise why some real estate agents struggle to find the right people. HG We never had any issue in inspections,we treated the house like our own.
  3. 'My Family' Stickers

    Waste of money,could buy a couple of cooper sparkling for that. HG
  4. Mood of the Moment: Share a great music track today:

    Birthday, its my birthday gonna party like its my birthday. HG
  5. Let's meet! - arriving on 10th June 2015

    Keep pushing it matey, you will get some takers for sure. We dnt do them anymore due to having a farm and other reasons, socialise as much as possible join groups, clubs etc etc. I help on here when I can !!!! HG
  6. Is anyone considering leaving SA?

    People on about moving to Perth and you say SA is expensive holy cow. The only place i would never rule out is QLD,but due to the nature of my job i could live anywhere and FIFO, might be looking at Saudi Arabia...haha. HG
  7. Which radio station for you?

    Fresh 927, Cnt beat a good old doof doof bang bang sesh, plus i used to present on there too. good days HG
  8. Do you know your score?

    Dare i even look....pmsl HG
  9. UK electrician looking for work or advice

    Good luck with it all mate,its hard when you first get here just accept any invites for anything that involves get togethers, and meeting people. Some helpful souls on here then some who are not HG
  10. Mates to share in common interests!

    I would love to like this thread. HG
  11. Computer Repairs

    If you were further South i could offer you mt BIL number. Sorry HG
  12. First Car Wanted - Auto

    Pop into MD Autos on Lacey Drive in Aldinga. Speak to Mick or Darren they may know of some good cars. HG
  13. Where to buy furniture?

    We decked out our first place with mostly stuff from The Lions, then we slowly built upto the new stuff. Altho we still have a 32" telly..lol HG
  14. Which country do you support in sporting matters?

    Green and gold all the way since we landed in this awesome country some 7 years ago ( update coming soon ) Got abused by England fans at The Oval during the Ashes, but Mitch Johnson put them back in their box. I go mad for netball here, what a game those girls are as hard as nails. I get my fair share of abuse for following the Aussies, but this is home. HG
  15. Best In Australia

    Exactly.... HG