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  1. Nikianx73

    Computer Repairs

    Thanks Sidestep. Will definitely give it a go, let's face it I can't make it any worse and it can only go bang once lol! Wish me luck
  2. Nikianx73

    Computer Repairs

    It's a HP Pavilion g6. It wont run start up repair and I just get a grey screen
  3. Nikianx73

    Computer Repairs

    Hi All, My laptop is sick and is in need of a doctor lol! Can anybody recommend a reliable (and reasonable) computer repair shop. I know there are loads about but I've been ripped off once before. Thanks
  4. Nikianx73

    Scary Waiting Times in the Public Hospitals

    It does make you appreciate what you get from the NHS, I know it has it's faults but at least you don't need to worry about treatment being covered and if it isn't, affording it
  5. Nikianx73

    How to say goodbye?

    We had to hire a caravan for 10 days before we left as the sale of our house went through quicker than expected, which actually made it easier. Hubby managed one last night down the pub with his friends, the kids had their friends over to the van for a day and went swimming etc, Hannah even managed a sleepover. As for me, my lovely friends threw me a surprise leaving bash at one of their houses which got very emotional once the wine kicked in lol! Didn't have anyone at the airport though as after all that we were completely wrung out emotionally and I don't think the kids could've taken and more. The way I look at it is you're only a day away. OK, it's quite an expensive day, but it is just a day. you'll get through it the way we all did. Just focus on the adventure ahead x
  6. Nikianx73

    British washing piwder and fabric conditioner.

    Cor! Cheese and pickle toasties, now your talking, that or cheese and Worcester sauce lol!. Perfect winter snackage
  7. Nikianx73

    British washing piwder and fabric conditioner.

    Thankfully I can get Yorkshire Tea in Coles and it's not that expensive and I have bought Marmite. I nearly caved the other day looking at the small bottle of Robinsons, but I had a word with myself and moved on lol. I hear Foodland in Osborne has big jars of Branston - I may have to investigate
  8. Nikianx73

    British washing piwder and fabric conditioner.

    You'd be surprised. A friend of my hubby is a cabbie in Yarmouth and he goes to the cash and carry, stocks up on the things people miss (decent tea bags, pickle, marmite etc) and sells them on ebay. He's raking it in lol! Btw, I know what you mean about clean sheet day, all the joy's been sucked out of it
  9. Nikianx73

    British washing piwder and fabric conditioner.

    Found this on ebay - someone's onto a good thing lol! http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NEW-Lenor-Super-Concentrate-Fabric-Conditioner-Softener-GOLD-ORCHID-925ml-/171663379837?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item27f7ef4d7d
  10. Nikianx73

    British washing piwder and fabric conditioner.

    Hi Tia, I know what you mean, I used to love my Bold Bubbles lol! Not been able to find any myself but you can get Comfort (I treat myself occasionally lol), also, Persil and Daz are here but they have different names (OMO & Fab). Sorry I can't be more help - Niki
  11. Nikianx73

    Direct connect?

    I think we pay them $25 for gas & $58 for electric a fortnight. That's for four of us with a 12yr old who is constantly charging her devices
  12. Nikianx73

    Direct connect?

    I found Origin really helpful, we pay fortnightly D/D and it was really easy to set up online. You could always use a comparison site if you wanted to. I know comparethemarket.com.au do energy comparisons, and it's free. Hope you get it sorted
  13. Nikianx73

    Direct connect?

    Is it for Gas and Electric?
  14. Nikianx73

    New to forum and moving 7th April

    Hey Donna! Good luck with the move. We're only 10 minutes down the road in Largs Bay so if you fancy a coffee sometime give me a shout x
  15. Nikianx73

    First Rental Inspection!!!

    Lol! Thanks, we've been preparing ourselves for a sink bill lol! Found it on the ikea website and it's not too expensive. I'll probably feel loads better once it's done and out of the way ;-)

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