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  1. sduffy

    Wizzywozza-Sad News

    I am sorry to advise that Wizzywozza,Sharon Bland,passed away this morning. Deepest sympathies to,Rick her husband and her family,a sad loss. Sue
  2. sduffy

    British foods

    I miss Lancashire cheese as well.
  3. sduffy

    Adelaide/UK place names

    What were your thoughts on the UK,any thoughts of a return or settled here for sure.?
  4. sduffy


    Totally concur,we have just had an electricity bill for over a thousand dollars.We have one small heater in the lounge area,continue to be shocked how much utility prices have risen since we came 10 yrs ago. A rip off. Sue
  5. sduffy

    Port Noarlunga South/Southport

    Beautiful pictures. Sue
  6. Meadows,so sorry to read that your son is still struggling to find employment.My husband was recently made redundant for the 4th time in 2yrs.it is a terrible blow to confidence and self esteem,finances and holiday entitlement.i know from personal experience that there are a number of areas that are really struggling here ATM.There are single figure vacancies being advertised ATM in my husband's trade as a Panelbeater.Jobs are currently under threat in Tafe,health service,govt etc etc. A lot has changed here in the ten years we came and I am finding it difficult to be optimistic for Adelaide's future. Sue
  7. sduffy

    Moving to Adelaide in Jan 15

    Paul,have sent you a PM. Sue
  8. sduffy

    Jobs for Panelbeaters

    Ashleigh have sent you a private message. Sue
  9. sduffy

    Jobs for Panelbeaters

    Thanks LC,it is destroying his self esteem for sure. Sue
  10. Hi guys,sadly husband has been made redundant once again ,if anyone knows of any vacancies,please let me know. There is currently one vacancy on Jora,very very worrying. Thanks Sue
  11. It is a shame that the likes of Jamie and Curtis,who extoll the virtues of the wonderful suppliers don't make their opinions known.
  12. I completely concur I was totally disgusted by the horrendous way in which these vulnerable girls were treated,especially with regard to sexual harassment issues.Total exploitation and yet those dishing it out are still employed,disgraceful.Not surprising from a lot of the stories I have heard over the years here. Sad it has been going on for years and doubtless will continue to do so.Some sad people too interested in the mighty dollar than people. Sue
  13. sduffy

    Joiner Tiler required.

    Tracey,have sent you a PM.
  14. sduffy

    Things to do with 2 young children

    Have a look in the Kids Down Under section on this site,should be some suggestions in there. Sue
  15. sduffy

    Scary Waiting Times in the Public Hospitals

    You must have been very fortunate Jo,i know several people who have waited well over a yr for Gastro referrals at Flinders. Having to go to Sydney for cancer treatment is appalling. The NHS is far from perfect ,but i nor any members of friends and family in the uk have ever ever had to wait more than a few months for a hospital consultation. My dad sadly has recently been diagnosed with Leukemia in the Uk,blood tests on Friday,cancer specialist appt following Tuesday and Bone Marrow Biopsy.Started chemo the next day.That is fantastic care. Hope the Transforming Health will do just that but the health professionals i have spoken to are sceptical. Sue

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