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  1. deryans

    Extended Car Warranty Insurance

    not worth the digital space it's written on, SPAM and delete please mod
  2. deryans

    SA miss out on Infrastructure spending

    I suppose you could point to the lacklustre growth in SA, less than national average population growth as being reasons for not requiring much spend. Then again you may need to take into account the performance and behaviour of the current SA government and the very childish rant that the premier made some weeks ago on camera and in public to the federal minister for environment and energy. Whether it's right or wrong, there was significant damage to SA incurred by Jay Wetherill in his rant to the federal minister. It does seem to me that SA has some significant leadership and engagement issues with the rest of the country. This did not happen overnight, it takes time to reach this level of performance and frankly when one really looks at the current SA government (or the opposition in waiting) , it just does not look like a government that will spend wisely or competently. Then again, you could argue from a federal point of view that there is no point throwing good money after bad ?
  3. Sadly We have observed that in particular Adelaide, and the whole state in general, is apparently run by incompetents who have no future vision. The less than 2 million residents of South Australia are being financially raped to support the rapidly decreasing economic base. Many long-time Adelaide residents, homegrown and otherwise, are becoming alarmed at the deterioration of the economy and are selling up and moving interstate; of course, there will be exceptions to this yet SA has become a backwater with myopic vision and will not recover for many decades to come.it's mostly a great place to raise your kids( up to age 10 - after that forget it!!!!) if you have a decent and secure income and not resort to odd jobs that are beneath one's capability. We sold our house in 2015 and moved to a place that is vibrant, prosperous and truly inclusive; it is worth the effort to take the risk as we but cannot to take our children and their future our of this decay that this particular state is in. South Australia is in a race to the bottom and I don't think this a viewer friendly sport! My wife is from adelaide she feels that the state is in a dire mess as it has never been before. And, for the record, I am a hopeless optimist who always strives for a balance and rejects knee-jerk reactions. After all, one can't eat the sun and a beach becomes just that... a beach. Australia has been good to us and will continue to be so -- only not in Adelaide. Cheers! so we left in 2015, good riddance....................................
  4. Theelph, Just be careful mate, not with standing personal pressures, you have to think about the practicality of it, if you wife's family owns a huge business in adelaide and you're happy to coast along with the family business, then super, play golf, fill your socks, but if you have any standards, professionalism or integrity and or ambition for your children well.............. see above - all those qualities will be sorely tested in adelaide as it's as one person once said - a race to the bottom...
  5. Adelaide is a basket case, suggest you be versatile, patient, patient, patient and well.......patient 6000 jobs gone from adelaide CBD in 2 years http://indaily.com.au/news/local/2017/03/16/adelaides-cbd-loses-more-than-6000-jobs-in-two-years/ good news though... This growth was mainly driven by newly opened hairdressing and beauty salons, and partially by the growing popularity of nail care services. if that's your skill set. Great!
  6. deryans

    Adelaide Oval; not footy or cricket or a concert!

    The Quade Cooper fight was the closest thing I've seen since Rocky 2, great to see such an evenly matched fight
  7. deryans

    Best Independent Schools & Suburbs

    unfortunately (and this is perhaps a good thing for you) I have to comment that if your daughter has been accepted to one of the top schools in the UK, then anything in adelaide will simply amount to a severe limitation on her options, if she is your priority then you must stay with what you have already and know to be real, not something that might be in a place that may or may not be sub-standard to what you already have. That's the best I can manage given my opinion with adelaide.
  8. deryans

    2017 is just around the corner

    Happy New year Snifter what a wonderful post, Home is really where you make it, for us, it's where we are at any one time. One thing I have learned from our time in SA is to be thankful for what you've got and what is important to you, in our terms, our most precious possession is time, time with the children, as it can all change in a blink of an eye. I read somewhere once, that life is not the big things, it's a massive collection of lots of little things that make up life Still ......Adelaide (grumble grumble )
  9. deryans

    Moving to other state

    "I have already fulfilled my living in SA for 2 years." rubbish. They can move on.
  10. deryans

    Moving to other state

    There is no binding, moral or legal obligation to stay, you can move as soon as you practically can.
  11. just make sure you're not at the Ark when the swinger meet-ups are on.....
  12. deryans

    Olympics 2016

    Just watched Team GB on the track, just awesome and history making. Lara Trott and Jason Kenny have 10 golds between them! Beautiful to see the old photo of the 10 year old Trott wearing wiggo's gold medal, with Brad Wiggins at the 2004 olympics, she now has 4 gold of her own. Excellent to see the comments by Cav thanking the team leadership, mechanics, nutritionists , clothiers , and the whole team spirit , the people you don't see he quoted.
  13. Hey Snifter, Thanks for asking , I hope you are well also . All good here, family all settled, Kids all doing well, my aussie wife has settled into "country life" in east sussex quite alarmingly well! London busy as ever, but what a complete mess and turmoil on the Britexit debacle, Farage , Gove and Bojo have made fools of themselves and the people of GB, oh well onwards and sort of upwards..... , markets jittery but general feeling where i sit (city-finance-legal) is that there will be no significant change for years - if any. Other than that all good, actually enjoy my commute 95% of the time, kids old enough for me to see them when I get back and I'm reading books like there is no tomorrow. Off to Greek Islands for two weeks at end of july, going to duxford flying legends today and got stuck in the goodwood festival of speed on the way to TankFest in Dorset last week because a little 8 year old finger had pressed the satnav [avoid motorways button] on the prado!!!! Grrrrr Hope xenephon does something good for the state of SA, at worst he'll keep them honest at best he'll upset the boys club.. Best of luck, deryans
  14. Hello, just little old honest me - I cannot tell a lie , a little more information that Jobseekers might want to read: http://indaily.com.au/opinion/2016/03/02/the-untold-story-sas-hidden-jobless-and-under-employed/ and http://indaily.com.au/business/analysis/2016/06/14/business-perceptions-of-sas-economy/ and here's a very accurate article from 2013 http://www.adelaide-southaustralia.com/news/adelaide-jobs/ hard to say it's got better or worse since then. Plenty more on both those sites, or if you prefer you can look at Koala's, newest boom suburbs, beaches , crows vs port stuff and Sparkling Wine receptions for locals and weird internet linked stuff from around the web in the comic known as adelaidenow.com.au Up to you
  15. deryans

    Following the news and other events

    Oh dear, the advertiser (a news-corpse company) are really not all that smart!! 1. Go to main advertiser page 2. Identify headline you want to read 3. Try it..... If it's behind a pay-wall, then do this.. 2. identify headline you want to read. Copy headline text header e.g. "Mum from Adelaide leaved kids in car to play pokies.." Paste into google/yahoo etc and you'll get at least 2-3 maybe 4 links to other news limited websites carrying the same content read away...... like i said, news limited not that clever and not that organised globally, you'll be able to find the content on any number of their websites as it is obvious they cannot manage all the manure they publish easily.

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