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  1. Tamara (Homes Down Under)

    Furnished Rentals: Homes Down Under Availability.

    HOMES DOWN UNDER: www.homesdownunder.com.au AVAILABILITY UPDATE. All properties have UNLIMITED NBN wireless internet. To view my entire calendar for all properties please click here: http://www.dateblocker.com/Index.aspx?Pageid=1672&l=1&UserId=10291 I have the following vacancies in my furnished homes in the popular scenic suburbs of Port Noarlunga and Christies Beach. I have two 1 bedroomed units available and a large 3 bed house that is only available for longer stays on request. Oceanview House: Port Noarlunga. 3 bedroomed Please enquire for availability... Garden Cottage: Port Noarlunga from $53 per night (off peak period and long term stay)! Fully equipped with unlimited internet: Ideal for singles, couples or visiting family. 1 bedroomed Available from: 14th of April to the 17th of August 2018 20th of October to the 7th of November 29th of March 2019 onwards ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tobies Place: From $65 per night (off peak and long term stay) 1 bedroomed unit ideal for single person or couple. Also has a queen sized sleeper couch if sleeping for 3rd guest if required. Available from: 9th of April to the 8th of August 6th of November to the 26th of November 26th of February 2019 onwards ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Longer term rentals at reduced rates. Winter discounts for long term stays...please enquire for rates. Due to ongoing changes (instant book) in the short-term rental / holiday rental market it is recommended that you secure be secured as soon as you have finalized your dates. Instant book facilities on various holiday sites can result in properties being booked within minutes. This can result in a property that you want to book becoming booked before you can secure it. I can generate an online invoice and you can pay a deposit with a debit or credit card to secure your dates and you can book within minutes to lock in your selected period. We accept all major debit and credit cards. Your property dates can be secured with a deposit in just a few minutes. Website: www.homesdownunder.com.au Contact: contact@homesdownunder.com.au or homesdownunder@yahoo.com.au
  2. Tamara (Homes Down Under)


    I think that a lot of problems are the result of not knowing road rules...and for new arrivals there can be some differences... 5 merging mistakes drivers make How do your merging manners measure up? Published: Thursday, December 14, 2017 Whether you’re courteous or impatient when another car’s trying to edge its way in front of you, here are five merging mistakes to avoid. 1. Not knowing the difference between a zip merge and a lane change When two lanes become one without a line marking between them (pictured below), who gives way? In these cases, one lane is coming to an end, and drivers mistakenly assume that cars in the left lane always need to give way to the right. But that’s actually not the case. This is a zip merge, and you need to give way to drivers that have any part of their car ahead of yours. So in the diagram above, the yellow car needs to give way to the blue car. Drivers seem to get this one confused with a lane change (pictured below). Here, the blue car has to cross a broken line to get to the other lane, so needs to give way to all traffic in that lane, including the yellow car, before moving over. The driver might need to stop and wait until there’s a safe gap. How to avoid a merging mishap: They might look similar, but a lane change and a zip merge are different. If you have to cross a white line (i.e. a lane change), give way to all traffic in the lane you’re about to enter. If the white line ends before the lanes merge (i.e. a zip merge), give way to any car that’s in front of you. 2. Speeding up to get in front Back to the zip merge for a moment… while you have to give way to any car in front, drivers shouldn’t speed up to get ahead. How often do you see one car flying to get in front before the lane ends? It’s not only frustrating, but drivers need to remember that all road-users are required to drive with due care and attention, and avoid crashes if they can. How to avoid a merging mishap: Ease off the accelerator and cars should naturally flow in front of each other one by one like a zipper. 3. Failing to give way to pedestrians and cyclists when turning left from a slip lane All too often pedestrians step out onto a slip lane to cross the road, but quickly step back because a motorist hasn’t seen them. Remember, if a pedestrian or cyclist is waiting on the edge of the road about to cross a slip lane, motorists must stop and give way before turning left. How to avoid a merging mishap: Before merging, try to make eye contact with pedestrians and cyclists about to cross slip lanes so you’re aware of each other’s intentions. 4. Not merging properly on a freeway Merging can be even trickier when you’re travelling at high speeds. So, what’s the rule? In most situations, you’ll need to cross a broken white line to enter (see picture below) so you’ll need to give way to all cars already on the freeway, even if that means coming to a stop. It’s a good idea to stay back while you’re waiting to enter so you have enough time to build up some speed before merging. If you’re already on the freeway, you don’t need to slow down for these newcomers, but it’s courteous to make room for them if you can and if it’s safe to do so. How to avoid a merging mishap: If you’re trying to enter a freeway, wait for a safe gap. Already on the freeway? Then help out other drivers by giving them space to enter if it’s safe. 5. The part lane change What about the part lane-change… you know, where a driver creeps out into the adjacent lane to get around an obstruction (a parked car for example)? Even if you’re only partly moving into a lane for a few seconds, you still need to indicate and give way to cars in that lane. How to avoid a merging mishap: Don’t forget to indicate before you merge, rather than flicking your blinker on when you’re part way through the manoeuvre.
  3. Tamara (Homes Down Under)

    A realy RUBBISH thread!

    I am sure that we have all had our fair share of bureaucracy to deal with so I thought that I would share this ongoing funny experience when dealing with our local council. To be honest I have always found things to be quite efficient when dealing with my local council but his one went real pear shaped! My daughter applied to have two additional dustbins at her house (useful info as the council will provide extra bins for an additional charge)...one recycling which is a bigger bin with a yellow lid...and also a waste bin which is smaller and has a red lid. So far so good...the council promptly dropped off two bins a couple of days later. Unfortunately they dropped off two red bins....instead of a yellow one. My daughter e mailed them but didn't get a reply. Oh well, the additional red waste bin wasn't the end of the world and as people are busy time went by, more e mails but no reply from council. The yearly charge for the bins arrived and payment was made for the additional red one...but the payment for the yellow one wasn't paid as it hadn't been delivered. The unpaid bill was followed by demands for payment ...more emails, but no reply. The council then sent their people around...not to sort out the bin issue or drop off the missing bin...no...they "stole" the original yellow bin that is the only recycling bin allocated to the house. Not a lot of recycling happening at that house! I went in today and we had a great chat with one of their service people...it began with "Good morning can I help you?" to which the reply was " Good morning..yes, your council has "stolen" my bin!" I think it's funny that the person who arrived at the house to "steal" the bin wouldn't think it strange that there were 3 red ones and only one single yellow one which they "nicked"!!! Ongoing...but nearly sorted.
  4. Tamara (Homes Down Under)

    Money Saving Tips: Cinema's

    I have just been sent this from Event...available for members and membership is free... just in time for school holidays! Marion Voucher Offer! We're offering exclusive pricing to a Book of 5 and Book of 10 eVouchers. These eVouchers are valid for Event Cinemas Marion only. Available for the movie of your choice. PLUS, you can even decide to pay a little bit extra to upgrade your movie experience to 3D or Vmax. Use your movie vouchers to book online to secure your seats (additional charges apply). Valid for 6 months from date of purchase - please read all of the terms & conditions carefully. Marion - Book of 5 eVouchers 5x eVouchers for just $50! More details Your Price $501 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Add to cart Marion - Book of 10 eVouchers 10x eVouchers for just $90! More details Your Price $901 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Add to cart
  5. Tamara (Homes Down Under)

    Big Bash New Years Eve: Adelaide Oval

    This is always a great event to take the kids on New Year. Bought 5 tickets (not the best seats) and they don't have too many left. Enjoy! Adelaide's best value summer entertainment is back again when your Adelaide Strikers return to Adelaide Oval for BBL|07! Don’t miss out on four massive home games including the New Year’s Eve double-header, now one of the iconic days on the sporting calendar. Dizzy Gillespie returns to coach the team and is aiming to take the Strikers that one step further in BBL|07. With sell-out games last summer, don’t miss out on seeing your Adelaide Strikers and book your tickets today! Back to KFC Big Bash League Home Running Times: Times are approx. and subject to change at any time. Adelaide Oval Strikers v Sydney Thunder Fri 22 Dec Box Office Opens: 4:30pm Gates Open: 5pm Session 1: 7:10pm-8:30pm Session 2: 8:45pm-10:05pm Strikers v Brisbane Heat (double header) Sun 31 Dec Box Office Opens: 12:15pm Gates Open: 12.45pm WBBL Session 1: 1:15pm-2:30pm WBBL Session 2: 2:45pm-4:00pm BBL Session 1: 6:40pm-8:00pm BBL Session 2: 8:15pm-9:35pm Strikers v Melbourne Stars (double header) Tue 9 Jan Box Office Opens: 1:20pm Gates Open: 1.50pm WBBL Session 1: 2:20pm-3:35pm WBB Session 2: 3:50pm-5:05pm BBL Session 1: 7:10pm-8:30pm BBL Session 2: 8:45pm-10:05pm Strikers v Hobart Hurricanes Sun 17 Jan Box Office Opens: 4:30pm Gates Open: 5pm Session 1: 7:10pm-8:30pm Session 2: 8:45-10:05pm
  6. Tamara (Homes Down Under)

    Booking flights

    Thanks for that. I think that they may bite the bullet and pay the extra for the seats...but I will hear about the extra cost for the rest of my life! I am quite happy to wait for the 48 hour period but for elderly people who are traveling together the anxiety may work on them. To be honest I was really surprised that there was a seat booking fee on Emirates. There wasn't one on Qatar and it's expected on the budget airlines like Jetstar etc. My daughter and her ever growing family recently booked cheap flights on Jetstar and went to the Gold Coast and she refused to pay to pre book seat. She figured that they can't have young children sat away from parents and so far it's always worked out for her. The interesting thing about the Qatar flight was that seats shown to be booked ended up being empty and there was loads of choice on that flight so not always too sure whether to believe all the allocations shown on their flights!
  7. Tamara (Homes Down Under)

    What's On? Gigs and events Adelaide.

    Don't you just hate it when you buy tickets for an event only to find them discounted as the event gets nearer! Anyway...I have tickets to see The Human League but they are now discounted! Concert is next Monday the 11th. There are a couple of other shows discounted too.... Richard O’Brien’s The Rocky Horror Show Festival Theatre, Adelaide Festival Centre Select performances 28 December - 3 January Get ready for a night of fun, frolics and frivolity in this thrilling production of Richard O’Brien’s classic original script! Starring Craig McLachlan as the scandalous Frank N Furter with Cameron Daddo and Peter Goers as the Narrator. BUY NOW $79.90* SPECIAL • SAVE UP TO $40 The Human League Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide 7PM, Mon 11 December David Bowie famously said of The Human League "I have seen the future of pop music” and he wasn’t wrong. The Human League have become pop icons in their own lifetime, releasing smash hit singles, 'Don't You Want Me', 'Love Action (I Believe in Love)' and more! BUY NOW NEXT WEEK • ALL TICKETS NOW $59* KC & The Sunshine Band, Village People and Sister Sledge Leconfield Wines, McLaren Vale 2:30PM, Sat 9 December Get set to put on your boogie shoes and party when disco legends KC & The Sunshine Band, Village People and Sister Sledge with special guest Marcia Hines perform at a day on the green. BUY NOW 50% OFF • ON THIS SATURDAY Texas The Gov, Hindmarsh, Adelaide 7:30PM, Thu 14 Decemer UK hitmakers Texas are heading to Australia this December for the first time in 20 years. Hear their new single 'Let's Work it Out' along with some of the '90s biggest anthems like 'I Don't Want a Lover', 'Say What You Want' and more! BUY NOW $59* SPECIAL • SAVE 30% Celtic Woman – Voices of Angels Adelaide Entertainment Centre Theatre 7:30PM, Tue 13 February 2018 International musical sensation Celtic Woman will return to Australia with their brand new tour, Voices of Angels. Accompanied by a talented group of musicians and dancers, the world-class performing collective celebrates Ireland's rich music and cultural heritage, bringing a fresh fusion to centuries of musical and cultural tradition. BUY NOW CHRISTMAS SPECIAL • SAVE 30%
  8. Tamara (Homes Down Under)

    Booking flights

    I recently booked some online flights for my father in law and companion and I booked with Emirates for a visit early next year. I was surprised that the charges for a prebooking their seats was another 50 pounds per trip....have been advised to wait until 48 hours before and then book them for free.
  9. Tamara (Homes Down Under)

    What's On? Gigs and events Adelaide.

    Really that good? Am tempted to go based upon your recommendation... Will see if the OH is up to going! I had to drag him to the Stevie Nicks / Pretenders show at Adelaide botanical park a few weeks ago and he absolutely refuses to go to the Leconfield (A day on the green) this weekend (KC and the Sunshine band, Village People, Sister Sledge etc). One of the best concerts I have ever been to was a Foreigner concert at the Good Hope Centre in Cape Town many many years ago (1991 I think). They are maybe going to tour Oz again next year...
  10. Tamara (Homes Down Under)

    Bed and breakfast short-term accommodation

    Hi Jamie, I have various furnished properties available and have been providing accommodation since 2009. If you would like to have a look on my web site that will be great. I have 2 bed cottage available with a pool for your dates and there's a local indoor pool 2 minutes away. We are between 15 and 18 minutes drive away from the Marion aquatic centre depending upon the time of day. An easy drive along the southern expressway. It's true that rates are discounted / negotiable for the off peak period. All the best Tamara
  11. Tamara (Homes Down Under)


    I totally agree that drivers have no idea how to merge into traffic...horrendous skill set! I was in Queensland earlier in the year and drivers there sit tight in the right hand lane...more so than here. I did find the drivers much better than in Adelaide though. How things change! When we arrived I thought that the driving was wonderful compared to the anarchy on the roads in the city that I moved from and now the poor driving annoys the hell out of me! The worst driving experience that I have ever encountered was whilst driving in some small towns in West Yorkshire. Narrow roads littered with cars, just so many vehicles that they are parked everywhere, on pavements, facing the wrong direction!, the sheer level of concentration required to drive there was so tiring. I have driven all over the world and the experience was by far the most stressful of my driving life...even more so than driving in African townships...sorry Yorkies but it's the truth!!
  12. Tamara (Homes Down Under)

    887 visa grant

    OMG that was quick! Congratulations! It's now the countdown time, list making, possession sorting and decisions that you will be busy with. Exciting times! All the best
  13. Tamara (Homes Down Under)

    Hopeful of a future in Adelaide

    Hello and Welcome! So many changes to the visa system...and more changes coming too! So pleased that you enjoyed your visit here. It took us nearly 5 years to get here due to visa issues, rules and regs! well worth it though in the end as we have been for 10 years now. Wishing you all the best with your journey.
  14. Just asked my OH about this (works at the paint desk at Bunnings and maintains our homes...sorry he can't help as he's off work poorly). This has happened to us many times! Will all depend upon how deep the scratches are (if deep then the door will have to be taken off...taken outside and sanded to avoid filling the house with dust). Is it plain pine, stained or painted? Painted would be easiest as you could lightly fill, prime and then paint. Stained would be the worst as getting a match is so difficult although pine changes colour (gets darker over time so it is difficult to get a good match with the repair without sanding and varnishing the whole door. I know a joiner / handyman based in the Flagstaff area but you would be looking at a cost more than anticipated...varnish takes time to dry so it's a nuisance job where the tradie is waiting for it to dry to get the second coat on. An exterior / interior door can't be taken home with him! Don't stress too much...it can all be sorted. Let me know if you need the handymans details? He's a Yorkshire Pom.
  15. Tamara (Homes Down Under)

    Places to Stay

    Thank you so much for mentioning me! So sorry for being so quiet these last few weeks...family stuff steals your time! I do have from the 16th to the 28th of October in my Seaview house in Port Noarlunga. There are so many good Airbnb and Stayz properties around and tourism a major factor in our local economy...

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