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  1. Bit busy at the moment having just moved to Craigburn Farm, but up for a meet up and coffee in a few weeks if interested. Both seniors in years but not minds.
  2. Driving

    I suppose there is some kind of logic there, albeit a selfish attitude which encourages undertaking and accidents, although I think drivers here are generally a lot better than where we came from (Switzerland), where most roads are unofficial race tracks.
  3. Driving

    Can anyone explain why drivers insist on driving in the outside lane when the inside is completely empty and then after ages stuck in the lane decide to turn left.
  4. Adelaide Hills

    We have literally just moved to outside Blackwood (still waiting for our container to arrive) which is sort of Hills area, previously rented in Stirling and Aldgate both very nice but getting a bit expensive property wise. Blackwood has a large village atmosphere and has everything you need for everyday life. Hills right on our doorstep, beach at most 30mins, Adelaide CBD 30mins. As NicF said it is best to rent at first and have a good drive round at various times of the day to see the areas.
  5. Places to Stay

    We also used Airbnb on two occasions before we moved here, Once in Stirling and once in Aldgate, both places perfectly fine and easy drive to places we wanted to visit. PM me if you want details.
  6. Information meetings

    Does anyone have any information on the State information meetings that used to be held in Adelaide for people like us who have just arrived. Many thanks
  7. Telephone and Internet

    Very many thanks for the useful information, great to have it from people on the ground and not company advertising. I didn't realise it was still a local service for most, dependant on where you live, I can understand if you are miles from anywhere, but around towns? almost makes our Swisscom look nearly half decent, nearly. Looking forward to being with you all soon. Thanks again.
  8. Telephone and Internet

    At last we should be arriving in Adelaide late June/early July and just wondering what options there are for phone companies with good offers and service, especially cheap calls to UK. Also good internet service. Many thanks.
  9. Building Inspectors / House Surveys

    I had one done 3 weeks ago on a house we are buying, The recommended guy was Dennis Allison dennis@homecheck.com.au He was very thorough, checked all the building and construction side of things, his report also prioritised things that needed doing and in what timescale. Would use him again if buying in the future.
  10. Craigburn Farm

    We have just purchased a property in Craigburn Farm, ready for when we move over, just wondering if any more senior Poms live in the area, would be good to have a meet up when we get here full time.
  11. Up market areas

    Just bumping up my old thread as we have just got our 405 visa and will be coming house hunting early in the new year. Hopefully we will find what we are looking for, a quiet area with a good community feel about it, not near schools, with good views, reasonable size garden, house, and a must a decent garage. 800k budget, not near the beach, new info on any areas to look at or avoid very much appreciated. Many thanks
  12. Inheritance rules

    Thanks Andy, I think I have been brainwashed by living in Switzerland to long where the Government have first large pickings on an estate, and have rules on who can and cannot inherit when someone dies, if there is anything left after the "official" money grab. Luckily we found a loophole where we can still have an English will recognised in Switzerland except for property owned in Switzerland. There is a rumour that even that is being looked at with a view to closing it. I agree the domicile bit is a minefield and best left to the legal wizards to advise.
  13. Inheritance rules

    As our visa application is in the pipeline, this is just preparatory at the moment. we have been told we may (hope) get a temporary visa for 4 years, renewable, We have UK wills at the moment and will update them if and when we get to Aus. If we die in Aus are there death duties and what are the Inheritance rules, does the Government take a chunk before the rest is distributed etc. Are there rules as to what percentage goes to whom.
  14. Inheritance rules

    A morbid subject and I am sorry for bringing it up but can anyone give me general guidance on Inheritance rules and death duties for a possible temporary visa holder in South Australia. Just general guidance at the moment. Many thanks.
  15. Totally agree with all Snifter says, we spent a month in and around Adelaide March 2015 having a good look round and enjoyed every minute of it. Stayed in Aldgate in a rented apartment to live the local lifestyle and get a feel for the place, great, everyone was so friendly and helpful. Went to the hotel mentioned in Stirling for an evening meal a few times, reminded me of the Beefeater inns in the UK, busy at weekends in the food areas, all the villages were nice and peaceful, Adelaide was great and the beaches around empty nearly. In all a good place to start looking round, visas are applied for with the hope of living in the outer Adelaide area. Will probably go back this year for another look round and a bit more of a holiday. Go for it, I will be amazed if you don't enjoy it.