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  1. Bed and breakfast short-term accommodation

    Thank you that sounds ideal!
  2. Bed and breakfast short-term accommodation

    Hi guys, thank you for your help and advice really appreciate thanks cheers Jamie
  3. Bed and breakfast short-term accommodation

    Hi everyone My family and hi have just qualified for the Visa 489 and have to visit Australia by 10 May, we plan to do this as a holiday as we are not quite ready to actually move yet. does anyone know of a bed-and-breakfast type of accommodation example 2 weeks to a couple of months when we could stay with single person or maybe a family with use of their home pool etc.. as we don’t want to stay in a hotel or holiday park long term due to the expense and also we feel it would give us vital knowledge. we’re looking At Southern Adelaide area ideally close to the Marion aquatic centre. Thanks Jamie
  4. Pro and semi pro soccer clubs

    Thanks again. Looks like a great option!
  5. Pro and semi pro soccer clubs

    Sorry I’ve just re-read your message and I can see that the Cove are a semi pro club! Is it right they have been relegated from the national Premier League South Australia to State League? I’m just getting my head around the league system and it seems a bit complicated for an outsider! Thanks again
  6. Pro and semi pro soccer clubs

    Hi thanks for your information, sounds great. Would you know the nearest pro or semipro soccer club to O’Halloran Hill? Thanks again Jamie
  7. Pro and semi pro soccer clubs

    Hi sorry for the late reply we have been away, very kind of you for your yet again detailed response! I should've been more clear, we live 30 minutes from Cardiff in south Wales in the UK which is sort of semi rural if you like, but completely different to the Australian ruralI suppose! we have seen a semi pro soccer club on the west of Adelaide called the Pirates and there is one in the east and one is the north, so I suppose we won't know until we actually get here which would be the best club for us. we will probably be looking for temporary accommodation and give the kids a little break from school well we get ourselves sorted and decide which areas are suitable. we would be looking for a three bed property around $400,000 mark or a rental around $1800 per month once settled but a short-term rental would be a good option to start with. The location entirely depends on both the children's clubs as my daughter would be joining the Marion swimming club and probably training five times a week to start with, while my son will be playing football and whatever else we can squeeze in around the same amount of time, so we would be looking to live within travelling distance of both children's clubs and hopefully get settled somewhere with a good school and friendly community to set up a social network. thanks again Jamie
  8. Pro and semi pro soccer clubs

    Hi thank you for your detailed feedback, very helpful thank you. we currently live in a rural location and really like the sound of the hills, what areas and schools would you recommend? 15 mins from Marion sounds perfect! thanks again! Jamie
  9. Pro and semi pro soccer clubs

    Hi My 9 year old daughter is a keen swimmer and will be joining Marion swimming club when we move at the beginning of next year, my 7 year old son is a talented footballer and has shown quite good promise and we would be interested to signing up to a pro or semi pro soccer club within 30 minutes drive of the Marion swimming centre, also we would be looking for a family friendly area to live within these clubs. Thank you jamie